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Why WL (or my profile) is so slow?: 12/6/2011 18:59:25

uber mazedonische
Level 8
Hi to all,

For a month already my profile, is acting slow... is "Loading game..." for minute, "Advancing" for a minute..... and so on and forth.
I am not a PC noob, IT i do for living :) but it seems like I cannot resolve this one.

I don't believe there is something to do with the WL servers since, I have a friend that his desk is next to me and him is acting fine.

First thought was "This must be a browser issue..." so I switched from Firefox to Chrome, installed the required plugin flash-mash everything you can think of... and I cannot get this improve not even a bit!

It's not a PC issue cause wherever I log on to play... same s***.
It doesn't make a difference if I am home, at work, on my girls laptop.....

Second thought was "The games in "My Games" - the history.... are causing this lag...
Please share your experiences.
I also have 6-7 custom templates, maybe they are doing all those problems???

Any help would be appreciated....

Why WL (or my profile) is so slow?: 12/6/2011 21:05:11

Kleyton Manning 
Level 17
The forums, your profile, etc. load super fast for me.
Why WL (or my profile) is so slow?: 12/7/2011 06:58:05

Level 11
If you do IT for a living, you would not even hint at the possibility that a saved template could cause lag in a stream of data from the warlight server to your personal computer. These are the questions of the uninformed.
Why WL (or my profile) is so slow?: 12/7/2011 08:56:36

Tim (TIM CLAN) 😡 
Level 61
I found that when I had a very large list of friends, it slowed everything down considerably. I deleted all but maybe 20 players and I turned off the automatic add feature that grows your list every time you play a game.

I would try that first.
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