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cheating (mole): 3/5/2017 16:19:06

Level 58
it seems on an 8v8v8 game, a player on my team was on the other side. Not going for the obvious attack to break into a superbonus. Then, he attacked me (first I attacked him to gain an important bonus region. He threw a fit, I gifted him back, then he attacked me outside of his bonus area). HMT is the culprit.

cheating (mole): 3/5/2017 18:19:41

Level 60

Using multiple accounts to gain an advantage is not allowed. Hence, report them. Forum is not the place for reports.

EDIt: also, hard to figure out as long as the game is fogged. So wait until it has ended, so history is available to all.

Edited 3/5/2017 18:23:49
cheating (mole): 3/6/2017 17:59:34

Level 56
Hard to say that this is definitively a mole, unless there's something you left out. The dude's level 13, with only 4 team games under his belt. Occam's Razor points to inexperience, not malice. Some elements (breaking superbonuses, giving up income to help a teammate) are obvious to you, but they might not be obvious to him.

That said, none of us can really judge with the fog still up.
cheating (mole): 3/9/2017 00:04:56

Level 52
I was playing in the same game and I was on Agamemnon's side.

After further playing and thinking, and speaking with the person, I came to the same conclusion, that this person, even with coaching, is just not a good player. I did not look at their stats, but just not a good team player. Thanks for your time and opinions.

Edited 3/9/2017 00:05:49
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