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Noob question about multi player game: 3/4/2017 23:01:05

Level 29
Hi guys,
I've been playing single player for 2 months and have recently started playing multi player.
So I was on a "risk" map and there was 3 humans left and 2 AIs. It got to a point where the other 2 players stayed stationary and were just increasing their armies without attacking anyone. This went on for 30+ turns, I got bored and attacked one of the players. Then the other player got involved. At this point I had the smallest army so I backed off. He had another player cornered and refused to finish him off. Later I had 200 and he had around 300 but he didn't attack me. I had enough and attacked him with everything I had (kamazake). He still didn't finish me so I spent the next few rounds attacking with the 5 extra armies. Eventually he killed me and surrendered.

So the dude who got cornered called me a douche. Not sure how he wanted to play this. He had south america only and I had north so eventually I would over take him. The other guy had Australia and Africa and out numbered us by a long way, he could have finished the game a long time ago but refused to. Why am I being a douche? And why were they waiting?
Noob question about multi player game: 3/4/2017 23:09:56

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 62
Share the game link?

I suggest blacklist and move on.

Just like life, there are assholes here.
Noob question about multi player game: 3/5/2017 00:31:58

Level 57
More assholes than not, unfortunately
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