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Current bugs In Warlight.: 2/28/2017 20:33:45

Level 23

I saw a few posts about the fact that warlight is acting weird.
I did a little research and appearently it is not just WarLight.
The problem is with Amazon. I think Warlight is hosted on their servers just many other websites.
(to name a few 9gag origin imgur).

So basicly we all need to head out Callifornee way. I heard a rumor of Internet access In Silicon valley.

Edited 2/28/2017 20:39:01
Current bugs In Warlight.: 2/28/2017 20:35:16

Cata Cauda
Level 59
I actually realised that Imgur is down or atleast reeeeaaaaally slow. I agree that it must be something bigger.
I suspect an upcoming Zombie-apocalypse.
Current bugs In Warlight.: 2/28/2017 20:37:34

Level 23
If want to know when it is fixed amazon keeps track of the issue at their twitter:

Current bugs In Warlight.: 2/28/2017 21:11:51

Level 60

Warzone Creator
Amazon S3 is currently experiencing an outage, which affects some parts of WarLight, since WarLight is hosted on Amazon servers.

More info: https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/28/amazon-aws-s3-outage-is-breaking-things-for-a-lot-of-websites-and-apps/

Specifically for WarLight, it will break some images and some maps. It will mostly affect maps that aren't downloaded frequently, since frequently used maps get cached on a CDN and won't need to be accessed from S3.

The good news is that Amazon is working hard to fix the problem and I suspect it will all be working again soon.
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