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Help Naming territories: 2/13/2017 03:13:58

Level 57
I'm making a Montenegro map based on this: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d8/Montenegroetno81.png
I have about 30% of it but the problem I have is I can't find names for all those territories and I really wouldn't like to be forced to change everything at the end that's why I would like some help naming those territories
Help Naming territories: 2/13/2017 04:34:56

Level 57
Help Naming territories: 2/13/2017 04:51:19

Level 32
I uploaded a map, but then I realized it had the same names as your map. Sorry lol

Edited 2/13/2017 04:52:19
Help Naming territories: 2/13/2017 08:50:42

Level 62
Looks like you need help from somebody from Montenegro. :-)

How can I help you?

I don’t know what you had in mind but maybe it is interesting to say that there are some special places in MNE famous for great battles against both, Ottoman and Austro- Hungarian empire. Maybe those can be special bonuses.

Send me email.....I dont read forum. Friend from Norway told me about this.
Help Naming territories: 2/13/2017 13:06:50

[NL] Hendrik
Level 58
could help, but this will coast a lot of time.

this link could help with creating bonuses if the regions are to big for one bonus.

What I did with small territories where I could not find a name for it, I used google maps.
For example, you could use this map for names in Niksic.

Good luck
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