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Captain's league season 2 livestream: 2/12/2017 19:35:06

Level 62
Hello everyone!

Next Sunday, the 19th of February at 2:00 p.m Eastern time (GMT-4), there will be a livestream regarding the upcoming Captain's League season 2. We will discuss the following aspects of the league:

1. Very brief history of the league (Origins)
2. Brief presentation of last season
3. Changes from season 1
4. Description of the draft process
5. Description of the templates selection
6. Presentation of the rosters
7. Predictions of the winner of each division and of the championship face-off

**Commentators for this stream will be (for now): Great Expense of Hydra and me

Thank you all for your participation!

Season 2 thread:

Season 2 Spreadsheet:

Season 1 thread:

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Captain's league season 2 livestream: 2/12/2017 19:37:48

Level 61
Who will be commentating?
Captain's league season 2 livestream: 2/12/2017 19:38:13

Level 62
Great Expense of Hydra and me for now, thx for asking. People might be added up as long as the conversation follows the structure presented above. Captains will have the priority to participate on the call (if they want of course) but we don't mind taking others in.

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Captain's league season 2 livestream: 2/19/2017 18:53:01

Level 62

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