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Petition [Uservoice] | Must Read !!!!1 |: 1/29/2017 16:34:45

Level 58
Vote here : https://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warlight-features/suggestions/17880220-guaranteed-card-draw


Guaranteed Card Draw

The current card system is not ideal.
The rule "Attack a territory per turn" is artificial.
[ It was maybe made with turtling in mind ] but...

If your team mate is trapped in a team game, you lose a card...
If you are connected to your opponent and the BEST move is to attack, you can lose both positional and card advantage if you are unlucky.
If you play an FFA. You are trapped and made peace with someone...
you still cannot get card pieces. It is very sad.

The rule was never intuitive to me. I find it artificial. I am sure newer players also feel that way.


Adding an option to guarantee a card per turn will :

- Enable Diplo games with cards... Everyone gets a card per turn and it is more fun.

- Better FFA... You are not punished if you are trapped.

- Better team games on small maps where it is easy to get trapped...

- Better 1 v 1 on small maps where it makes less sense to expand. You rather want to disrupt the income of your opponent.

- Less unnecessary complexity (clutter) to the game rule-wise.


Anyway, there is no strategical component with the current game-rule. It is not like you will ever want to miss card pieces.

The only problem is when you miss those card pieces and it feels extremely unfair.


I was not drunk when I wrote this. This is a serious issue that always bothered me.

Please add your comments below !!1101
Petition [Uservoice] | Must Read !!!!1 |: 1/29/2017 16:46:31

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
I think it is the way the cards shall work.
Just dont get trapped.
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