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Broken Options Window in 'Design Maps': 1/19/2017 14:54:37

zxctycxz [Ollie Bye] 
Level 58
So back before I'd made any maps at all, I made a test one. At this time I didn't understand how map families worked, so I created a new one each time, and named it with all the changes I'd made to it. This lead to some really long names for maps, and one of them is so long that the options window is broken and I can't view any of the buttons, meaning I can't delete it. This has been here since about 2014 or possibly even 2013, and I've never thought to ask about it for some reason. Anyway, if anyone knows how to get rid of it, please let me know.

Maps Window:

Options Window:

Edited 1/19/2017 14:55:20
Broken Options Window in 'Design Maps': 1/19/2017 15:58:50

Level 62
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