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a bug in game?: 1/18/2017 02:39:18

Level 59
Hello all!

I refer to the following game:

Near the end of this game, sb and I surrendered. Our territories soon disappeared from the map, but the settings were players turning into AI after boot or surrender.

Can everybody please look at it and see if this is indeed a bug? Thanks a lot!
a bug in game?: 1/18/2017 02:48:22

Level 60
Not a bug. Let me break it down.

1. You and and two! teammate surrenders.
2. Your surrenders are accepted
3. There are now no human players on your team.
4. AI's surrender when there is one human player left (aka, one team)
5. Two of the AI's surrender are accepted.
6. One player on your team manages to take back control from AI.
7. The surrendered AI's territories are removed.
a bug in game?: 1/19/2017 17:06:22

Level 59
But, once that guy (Maciumbix) took back control from AI, the other two AI's surrenders would have to be accepted by him. How could they disappear then?
a bug in game?: 1/21/2017 17:23:15

Level 61
Probably: someone accepted only these two's surrender and not the one who came back
a bug in game?: 1/22/2017 10:57:48

Level 54
The game uses the settings "Surrenders must be accepted: Yes", in other words instant surrender if I am not mistaken.
Also, if you click on the player names, you see that neither of the surrendered players surrender has been accepted by anyone. "No player's have accepted this player's surrender yet."

So I believe the game should have been immediately over after turn 10, because the three AI's surrenders should have happened instantly. Or does the instant surrender setting only affects surrenders by human players?
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