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Map Making Warlight Feature?: 1/11/2017 05:52:58

Mrs. Independant
Level 54
Hey, I was thinking if it could be possible to add a feature to Warlight where we can create new maps on. I know that I've wanted to create a map for a very long time now, but have always been held back because I didn't know how this could be done. Just a week or two ago, I have downloaded Inkscape and have started to create a map there, though it is quite difficult to do considering that it has too many excess features for this purpose and is missing some other ones that would greatly help the process.

I was wondering if an official map-making feature could be added to Warlight since I know that there would be many people who would greatly appreciate it and will increase the amount of quality maps on here.

The only difficulties I can think of at the moment would be, first of all, the coding to create this feature, and second, how to manage the amount of maps being produced. For coding, it will probably be a difficult task, but I'm sure that it can be accomplished, not sure how, but I'm a very optimistic type of gal. :D For regulating the maps, as it will likely be necessary if the feature is allowed to all, it would probably need someone to check the tested maps to ensure it is a "Warlight worthy" map. With this I mean, something that is a legitimate attempt at a map, not just some sort of prank like a dick or something of equal meaning (Unless you're all cool with it ofcourse XD).

Another problem that may arise would be to keep it so that the feature is not too dense on the computer, it would be a shame to create a feature that would be too taxing on the computer and be too slow to operate effectively.

Well, that's just an idea, I truly think this would be great and have the community feel more involved in here, making the whole experience just that much more pleasant. :)
Map Making Warlight Feature?: 1/11/2017 06:26:37

Level 27
Keep it as a semi-complicated process so we don't get the special folk and level 2s spamming unneeded, terrible maps.

Besides, it would most likely use a lot of Fizzer's time to develop a program as good as inkscape for creating maps in warlight.

increase the amount of quality maps on here

I highly doubt that; what leads you to this conclusion?
Map Making Warlight Feature?: 1/11/2017 06:56:38

Mrs. Independant
Level 54
I am certain that there are many people who wish to create maps and have some very cool ideas for some. Allowing an easier way to access this to people will increase the amount of quality maps because of the amount of people who truly wish to create some maps. It's simply logic and mathematics, if there are more people creating maps, there will be more quality maps simply due to number and amount.

And yes, it would be a difficult process, but I think it's best to present the idea as that is the first step to actually accomplishing it. I also agree with your first point, but I sort of addressed.\ that on my first post.
Map Making Warlight Feature?: 1/11/2017 22:50:08

rowdent vermein
Level 25
A tab like this, where we can draw a basic pencil sketch of a map. And then everyone will vote their favorite one.

Tab // "Map Sketches"

Sketch Name..................created by.........#of views.........Rating

Edited 1/11/2017 22:50:59
Map Making Warlight Feature?: 1/11/2017 22:55:51

Level 58
The best solution is probably making an Inkscape extension to make the process easier.


Worth noting that this is something any member of the community can create, not just Fizzer.

Edited 1/11/2017 22:57:27
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