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abondan card: 1/3/2014 22:45:08

Level 60
hey guys

im kinda new to this game and dont know everything yet. i got a question about the abondan Card.

if i have 100 for example on a territorie, move 70 away and then Play the Abandon crad on the 30. would that work?

cause the order of play Shows me that i Play the Abandon first even i move the 70 away.

idk Need some help pls
abondan card: 1/3/2014 23:02:59

Level 49
The way the abandon card works is that it happens after deployments, but before attacks or other troop movements or airlifts. Therefore, the situation you described is impossible. If you attempted it, you would just abandon the 100 troops. There is another card, the blockade card, that gets played AFTER attacks and other troop movements, meaning you can move troops in and out of the territory you are blockading.

The fact that you can move troops into and out of a territory you are abandoning is a misleading error, similar to the misleading fact that you can type in any amount of troops during troop movements. e.g., if I had a territory with 41 troops in it, I could only move 40 of them, but if I order an attack, I can ORDER 200 troops to attack. I will only send 40, but it will show up in my orders as if I am attacking with 200. Another misleading error is when you play a game with an autoboot time of, say, 6 minutes, and you commit after 3 minutes if you try to modify your orders past the autoboot time, you will be immediately booted by the server.

The trick to not falling for these glitches is to be well adjusted to the mechanics of this game and to think about your orders, making sure they don't contradict each other.

I hope this large block of text was able to help you.
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