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Python API Wrapper Library: 1/7/2017 00:56:03

Level 58
I've got a bit of downtime so I just tidied up (i.e., added documentation and full-coverage unit tests) to my wrapper library for the Warlight API and published it on PyPI.

It should now be totally usable (let me know if you find any bugs- apologies to anyone who tried using the setMapDetails() method before today) and can be installed quickly via pip:

pip install wl_api

You can find documentation/etc. at https://github.com/knyte/wl_api

It should let you use all currently public API endpoints. If you find some missing features or want some extra methods to make it easier to use, let me know (or submit a Pull Request!). The fastest route is probably using GitHub's Issues system: https://github.com/knyte/wl_api/issues.


Edited 1/7/2017 00:57:31
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