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Capitals - proposed feat. for FFA and diplo games: 1/3/2017 09:00:14

Level 60
Before I start, here are (for me) only known threads about capitals in the game of Warlight:


Idea comes independently of these two, although there are some points that coincide with my idea. To be short - capital is the location (one territory) which gives bonuses to player, but once it is lost, no other bonuses are given or the game is over.

Capital is set before first turn, but after territory picking (regardless if automatic or manual), so the player can choose between obviously compromised locations and seemingly "safe" lcoations.

1. Capitals should have doubled income for all bonuses where it is (basic bonus and superbonuses) if they are hold by player. Therefore, capital in larger bonuses is better than small bonus, but in most games it is not likely to have large bonuses in turns 2-3

2. Capitals should have defense as commander does and/or defense value set to 100% (each unit kills 1 attacker).
So, in games where defense value is set to 100% nothing changes

3. Capitals can move but during that turn player receives zero income. Player can change location of capital each turn if he wishes to.
This is obviously intended to discourage players to move capitals

4. Regardless of fog value, the capital should be seen only from adjacent province and only by the players-teams from adjacent provinces (so in no fog the location will also be secret, but in heavy fog, the location will be revealed but nothing will be known about defense)
This feature makes sense with this capital stuff - also in games with commanders, commanders should not be visible save in above condition.

5. Emergency blockade cards or blockade cards used on capital territories mean loss of capital and warning should be issued

If game is set that loss of capital is defeat, then, the game is over once capital falls. If the game is set that loss of capital doesn't influence further game, the player only losses benefits from the capital, but once retaken, player doesn't receive bonuses (loss of capital is permanent).

In games with commanders, that is perfect location to hide commander for later stage of the game as it would give commander shelter if the odds are even, but obviously won't help if odds are bad.

Implementation of the commander gives strategy value to the game, as location of capital can have major influence to game (given that bonus value is doubled), and there will be of importance to find opponent(s)'s capitals but hide own ones. The situation when player is forced to change position of the capital and that move gives him zero income for that turn is obviously unwanted one, so starting position for the capital can make difference between victory and defeat from the very start. But, as starting incomes are not that big, change of capital during initial turns can have minor implication to the game than change in later turns. For example, player with capital lose territory in one superbonus, but still have one superbonus in different location, he must see if the advantage of other superbonus is better that losing income for one turn. Also, if he obtains superbonus, but his capital is not covered by superbonus, it may be more advantageous for him to move.

Regardless of the title of this thread, capitals with such features could be used in ladder games as well.
Capitals - proposed feat. for FFA and diplo games: 1/3/2017 23:40:02

Level 61
sounds like a job for super MOD
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