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how do i french canada: 12/31/2016 01:44:28

Level 60
im in severe need of help with naming my Quebec map

like how is anyone supposed to do this

i even have all the bonuses set up but am pretty close to rage quitting regardless


seriously what am i supposed to do with all the territories up north

would it be ok if i just named all the territories there "snow"?

because there are legit next to no landmarks in the northern part of Quebec

and this is taking into consideration that most of the territories in which I have found a name for so far are the names of inuit villages... (such as Kangiqsualujjuaq, yes thats actually what its called o_O)

and even those are spaced far out from each other so it's cancer having to name all the empty gaps in between

i mean even the guy who i originally stole this map from gave up just because he couldn't find the names of those territories too and come on he even had the aesthetics done and whatnot but NOPE the north was just too much man and when you quit maps just because you can't find names for things you know it's a problem

should i just turn it into a fantasy map with dungeons dragons and prostitutes

i wud appreciate any suggestons u may hav

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how do i french canada: 12/31/2016 01:55:44

Level 27
That map isn't aesthetic by a long shot.

I would say name the territories after roads, but there aren't any there. I realize I'm being no help right now, so I'm going to give a different kind of help.

Missing connection- Teal bonus box on left side, 1 territory up from it (that touches 3 territories above). It is missing a connection to the far right.

There's an odd double territory up 3 from the bottom left brown bonus

Missing connection- next to southern purple bonus

Okay! Good luck and have fun
how do i french canada: 12/31/2016 03:27:56

Cata Cauda
Level 59
Lets ignore the fact that those are the worst borders I have ever seen on a map.
As for the territories I would go like EU4 and leave thin stripes on the coast for towns there. As for interior settlements just add cicles representing villages there and connect them with lines showing major roads.
how do i french canada: 12/31/2016 03:32:33

Level 55
wield Google Maps, but even that doesn't always help you, there are loads of barren lands in Québec dwelled on only by nomads so yeah you're going to must name them undwelled land #1 and undwelled land #2 and something like that.
how do i french canada: 12/31/2016 06:34:53

Level 59
Here comes the Quebec specialist!

I have a trick for you. The most common way in Quebec to name towns is "Saint-" or "Sainte-" in front of a male or female first name. The Spanish Empire did it, too, using "San" and "Santa": San Jose, San Andreas, San Antonio, San Diego, Santa Barbara...

Go there. http://www.rrq.gouv.qc.ca/en/enfants/banque_prenoms/Pages/recherche_par_popularite.aspx?AnRefBp=2015&NbPre=0

This page contains a list of all male and female first names in Quebec. All you need to do is add "Saint-" (male) or "Sainte-" (female) for every name before putting them on your map.

Thus, you will get:



how do i french canada: 12/31/2016 06:37:05

Great Expanse 
Level 59
OR, you need to redo the map and understanding Quebec geography before drawing the territories might have been helpful. Northern Quebec has fewer people and landmarks, so the bonuses and territories should be larger. I suggest starting over and redoing all the areas you are struggling to fill with much larger territories and bonuses (by size I mean).
how do i french canada: 12/31/2016 13:37:52

[NL] Hendrik
Level 58
This could help

Edited 12/31/2016 13:38:20
how do i french canada: 12/31/2016 15:25:13

Level 55
OR, you need to redo the map and understanding Quebec geography before drawing the territories might have been helpful.

I think Semicedevine knew this, but cared more about map balance than Québec geography.
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