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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/22/2016 21:26:58

Level 63
I have come up with the idea that as 2016 is finishing soon,it would be nice if lots of warlight players vote for the Best Player of 2016 not only in terms of improvement but in his general playstyle too.

And how to do that?

Well,in this forum everyone select his 5 best players of 2016.After some preferences,I will write down the 5 most preferable players and put them into Strawpoll.Then,anyone can vote for 1 Player and the 2 most voted would face against each other at a particular template*(Meanwhile,I will make another strawpoll of the most liked 1v1 templates) and the winner will be The Best Player of 2016

In order to nominate this person,I believe that Fizzer should either give him some coins or make a special trophy and give it to him.

Votes so far :

Buns157 (15)
Master of the Dead (11)
Timon92 (8)
Ollie (8)
MIFRAN (7,3)*
Master of Desaster (7)
PanagiotisTheGreekFreak (5)
Krzystof (4)
HotBeachBum (3)
MisterT (3)
Kerékgyártó Zoltán (2)
Master Jz (2)
Timinator (2)
Andy903 (1,3)*
Motoki (1,3)*
alhazi (1)
Castle Bravo (1)
Dunga (1)
gogo2711 (1)
Jefferspin (1)
NZPhoenix (AHOL) (1)
Pardon99 (1)
Platinum (1)
Ps (1)
Semicedevine (1)
Sułtan Kosmitów (1)
Zarathoustra (1)

*Nauz you suck :P

In Wednesday,28th December of 2016 I will announce the top 10 and make the strawpoll!
In Saturday,31th December of 2016,I will create the game between top 2 voted players!

1st strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/11976364
2nd strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/11976463

Game link of the Final Game : https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=12617587


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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/22/2016 21:44:06

Level 63
My opinion,

Master of the Dead
Master of Desaster

They are all great players and did an excellent performance at ladders

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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/22/2016 22:06:11

Level 60
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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/22/2016 22:19:31

Level 60
M8 you nominated a guy that's on the very bottom of the ladder. You have no say on the matter.
Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/22/2016 22:20:50

Level 62
Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/22/2016 22:24:06

Level 68
@Wally balls

Still jelly I see, dont worry one day you'll be able to get in the top 10 in the ladder :)

Read this, I would start at the basics.


I guess I have to give something on topic, so I'll go with MIFRAN since people seem to forget or not realise that hes pretty decent.
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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/22/2016 22:37:26

Level 60
Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/22/2016 22:38:26

Level 61
Buns157, he has consistently shown during the year that he is one of the absolute top players in this game.

MotD, very good all round player with very nice ladder performances this year.

Timon92, also a very good player. Won season XXV

Mifran: First on 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 ladder this year. Also ruling the AWP tour atm.

Dunga, just for his nice story :)
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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/22/2016 22:54:29

Level 58

not exactly seeing the parallels, but okay.

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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/22/2016 22:57:46

Level 61

edit: @wally you have alhazi in your top 5 and then condemn buns for stalling? alhazi stalled against buns, not the other way around :D... ignorance :p

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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/22/2016 23:08:49

Cloud Strife
Level 61
It's a much shorter list than Top 5 idiots in WL 2016.

Sad times.
Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/23/2016 02:15:54

Level 58
I don't think I can place these in any particular order but:

-Who i'd like to eat (Buns)
-The best Greek player (Panagiotis)
-Master of Bratwurst (mod)
-Curry Ball (motd)
Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/23/2016 02:54:39

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
in terms of improvement

If we want to talk about in terms of improvement, then the following players I would consider:

PanagiotisTheGreekFreak (rose incredibly rapidly to become a top player)
HotBeachBum (improved dramatically to take the top spot at the 1v1 ladder)
Motoki (Like pana, but started pretty high)
Pardon99 (Improved incredibly quickly over a short period of time)
Zarathoustra (I have been watching this player creep up the rt ladder.)

What you guys have been suggesting are players who are good, but, to me, were good at the beginning of the year 2016, as well. So, I would not consider them so much. This list shows, to me, players who were significantly better at the end of 2016 than the beginning of it. Which is what I believe who the player of the year should go to.

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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/23/2016 03:18:25

Level 60
Wait what.... seriously?

I know for a fact that all of those players were better than me at the beginning of the year. (I wasn't even considered the best back in the Lost Wolves)

(hint hint check my rt ladder games)

Dude I was attacking neutrals in Ancient Greece with 4 armies each lol (after making 6 picks, what?)

Or unless of course, you're saying that I haven't improved as much... hmmmm....

I see how it is Aura <_<

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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/23/2016 04:01:05

Level 60
Mifran for this year
Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/23/2016 04:17:42

Castle Bravo
Level 56
I am deeply honored to be considered in the Top 5 players.

I don't play very much, I'm just a lucky guy. A lot of times when both players get booted I win the game.

Jokes aside since I literally don't try, I WILL face any challenger who thinks they're the so-called "Champion" and I'll put YOU on the bottom of the ladder!

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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/23/2016 04:24:43

Level 61
I'm just a lucky guy. A lot of times when both players get booted I win the game.

Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/23/2016 05:10:07

Master Turtle 
Level 61
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Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/23/2016 05:47:12

Level 55
I've split this up into some ilks. Each are in growth (f.e. skill = growth in skill).

Streaming: Onoma94 (https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=711358681)
Skill: Sułtan Kosmitów (https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=6449746372)
Trolling: Fizzer (https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=62456969)
Profile picture making: Belarusian Gentleman (https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=1767003334)
Revoltuionary: Fabulous Squirrel (https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=2570988202)

short explainations for each:
*Onoma94 is a new streamer but with exciting guests like Belgian Gentleman and her alt to the stream, it's like a sandwich. And then the caviar gets added.
*Sułtan Kosmitów grew a lot in skill over 2016, I can tell you that he went from not knowing how to pick on Texas 2ag2 to total domination of the ladders, fora, and banks.
*Fizzer has tried it's hand at trolling, and while it doesn't seem to be much yet, he is really my favourite off-topic forumer - he is the forefather of all trolling on WL, for without him and his silly antics, trolling on WL we would can not do. He recently banned me for being a proud monotheist (https://i.snag.gy/WLyx59.jpg). Secularism is really disgusting.
*Belarusian Gentleman made one of the best profilbilds there are all by himself and Pixlr online editor. (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216348449925365760/249366795620843520/Belggentle.jpg)
*Fabulous Squirrel is known for starting a neutral movement - unlike the CANIDAE and FELIDAE which are at each other's throats, trying to kill each other in toxic ways, SCIURIDAE is neutral to all this American civil war, its base finding itself in (((Silesia))). And for that, I clap for Fabulous Squirrel and SCIURIDAE. I clap loudly.
Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/23/2016 08:51:43

Level 63
If we want to talk about best players in improvement and general gameplay , than we have to find a definition first. In my eyes best isn't someone who got the #1 rank on a run. It's better to hold yourself on a 2k+ rating on a consistent base than doing one run. To talk about best u definitely have to talk about other ladders as well. 2vs2 and 3vs3. But especially also the RT ladder, because MD and RT are two different things. Playing good in RT games is definitely harder than playing good on MD games.

So to talk about the best player in terms of improvement and general gameplay, i consider players named for that category who played really good on the RT ladder and 1vs1 Ladder and did that for quite some time. Good performances on the Team ladders, will help them too.

Considering this i would say that players like Panagiotis and Mifran are more deserving to get that title than players like Semicedevine, especially since i improved on the same path like him. Getting ranked in the first time in the 1400 category, wasn't accurate for me and not for him either. That's pretty obvious. If u join the Ladder the first time it can happen, that u lose some games u shouldn't lose and u will have in general some problems in the first games. The skill is higher than the first rating u get. U can see that Semicedevine got pretty fast to a 1800 rating and then he started to climb slower. That shows me that he probably was a 1800 rated player from the beginning of his ladder performance, who just underperformed in the beginning. Then he climb slower and was in that 1800-1900 range for quite some time until his games expired. He left and joined back with some unexpired games left to make his run. That's almost exactly the same way i went through on the 1vs1 Ladder. I started in february underperformed was in a high 1400 range and rised pretty fast to 1700, my accurate rating during that time. Then i slowly improved to 1800 and to 1900. Then i had my vacation and joined with my alt when i came back to get to a 2149 rating. It was a run, but not the accurate rating of my skill. U see that's almost the same thing. A above average to okish player joined the ladder, underperformed on an unknown map but gets pretty fast to his real rating and starts climbing slowly from that point. Then u have a break and make a run to get a high rating, which is most likely not the real rating of this player. I tried to hold it but wasn't able to and fall back around the 2k mark. Semice didn't tried it that long. He lost his last 3 games, which indicates that it's likely that he couldn't have hold that rating either.

Basically a run doesn't show u the real strength o a player. A lot of players who make these runs aren't able to play on that Lvl consistently.
Warlight's Best Player of 2016: 12/23/2016 11:20:13

Level 57
Alhazi's absolutely not one of the top 2-3 players.

In no particular order:

Master of the Dead

Less sure who I'd put at #5, possibly Andy903, or Motoki, or Mifran. I would put any of those three decidedly below the first four though, and all 7 decidedly above alhazi.

Bravo is beyond horrible. Zoltan is mediocre, Alhazi is good but far from top 5, hotbeachbum is good at exactly 1 template, and even at that template I have a winning record vs. him. Mifran is the only person you listed that's even top 10 Wally.

And no, I don't think calling out hotbeachbum for only being good at one template is hypocritical. I'm also only good at a few templates, but I'd never nominate myself.

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