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1443 diplomacy: 12/13/2016 09:29:05

King Leonidas
Level 57
ok i have 0 clue on the military power of the following countries in 1443 and i dont know where to even look so i am asking the warlight community if anyone has knowledge on the military power of the following countries.

A: Portugal (Allied to C)
B: France & Vassals (Allied to O, at war with C)
C: England (Allied to A, at war with B and R)
D: Burgundy
E: Denmark (Leading union with G)
F: Novgorod Republic
G: Sweden (Under a union with E)
H: Castile
I: Aragon (Leading union with AA)
J: Poland (May choose between leading a union with K or L, at war with X)
K: Hungary (Potentially under a union with J, at war with X)
L: Lithuania (Potentially under a union with J)
M: Venice
N: Genoa
O: Scotland (Allied to 😎)
P: The Papacy
Q: Irish minors
R: Provence and other french minors (At war with C)
S: Serbia and other southern slavs (At war with X)
T: Muscovy and other Rurikovich minors (Vassal of V)
U: Lëzhë League (At war with X)
V: Golden Horde (Master of T)
W: Roman Empire and it's rump states
X: Ottoman Sultanate
Y: Karamanid Emirate and other Ottoman rebel states (At war with X)
Z: Crimea
AA: Naples (Under a union with I)
AB: Austria (HRE - Emperor)
AC: Bohemia (HRE)
AD: House von Wittelsbach & the Bavarian Imperial Circle (HRE)
AE: House von Hohenzollern & the Upper Saxon Imperial Circle (HRE)
AF: Lower Saxon Imperial Circle (HRE)
AG: Swabian Imperial Circle and Swiss Confederation (HRE)
AH: Dutch states & Westphalia proper (HRE)
AI: Westphalia (HRE)
AJ: Hanseatic Cities and Hannover (HRE)
AK: Teutonic nominal control
AL: Savoy (HRE)
AM: Milan (HRE)
AN: Florence (HRE)

also i am open for suggestions on any special rules to add to basic diplomacy rules

here is the template and would also like some insight on what to do with the settings

Template : https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=963945

keep in mind i purposely left out africa, middle east, and the most eastern parts of russia ( asian russia ) because i could only hold up to 40 slots ( if you can hold more let me know so i can have the map revised to fit more slots - i know a certain person who specializes in map distributions )

i am really looking for help on setting up the incomes on the countries but first i want to know the military power of each of the countries/provinces
1443 diplomacy: 1/2/2017 06:02:05

[FEL]Spider Cat
Level 22
Wrong forum
1443 diplomacy: 1/2/2017 06:33:39

Level 55
Delete your diplomacy, it's disgusting.
1443 diplomacy: 1/2/2017 06:34:23

Level 55
The exact meaning of the word "disgusting", it applies to this Warlight diplomacy player.
1443 diplomacy: 1/8/2017 03:22:32

[Wolf] {F} Kellen the Conquerer
Level 51
Don't listen to Жұқтыру he's braindead. It's nice seeing a diplomacy in the stated time period. Now I'll reorder the strongest to weakest nations in that order;

- Ottomans
- Frenchies
- Castile
- Austria (Only had the power from being HRE Emperor)
- England
- Burgundy
- Lithuania
- Poland
- Muscovy
- Aragon
- Portugal
- Sweden
- Denmark
- Hungary
- Venice
- Bohemia
- Papacy
- Milan
- Savoy
- Novgorod
- Genoa
- Florence
- Crimea
- Naples
- Scotland
- Saxons
- Provence
- Hohenzollern
- Hansa
- Wittelsbach
- Dutch
- Swabians
- Westphalia
- Lezhe
- Teutonics
- Serbia
- Golden Horde
- Irish Minors
- Karamanid
- Rome :( (Constantinople should get a big bonus tho)

It hurts seeing the Romans at the bottom of a power ranking.

Edited 1/8/2017 03:24:30
1443 diplomacy: 1/8/2017 03:23:26

[Wolf] {F} Kellen the Conquerer
Level 51
On a side note, all the HRE nations besides Brandenburg and Bohemia (and the Emperor) should be pretty equal.
1443 diplomacy: 1/8/2017 12:07:25

Level 60
wtf kellen ur stil alive i hvnt seenst u in ages mann

soooo hows the sexting going
1443 diplomacy: 1/8/2017 15:14:02

[Wolf] {F} Kellen the Conquerer
Level 51
I've matured quite a bit and the sexting I do is mutually exclusive with my significant other (President-Elect Donald John Trump) ;)
1443 diplomacy: 1/9/2017 21:26:33

Level 55
tabby do you ever think you're on the wrong forum?
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