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Trump Is A Commie Confirmed: 12/11/2016 18:34:42

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 38
I have exposed Donald Trump as the communist puppet he is.

Case 1: Why are 2 of his 3 wives from ex-Communist countries? And his American wife was only married for 6 years. Clearly Donald enjoys women from beyond the Iron Curtain.

Case 2: One of the main aspects of Communism is to seize the means of production. Donald Trump has been shown to approve of this before. He promises the forced return of jobs to America for its workers, and in 2005, a leaked video was shown of him with Billy Bush discussing the means of reproduction.

Case 3: Communist Countries are known for their wall-building. The Chinese wall, the Berlin wall... all major Commie regimes which built walls. And Trump will be no different.

Case 4: Jews in the mix. Trump has had an uneasy alliance with the (((Bolsheviks))) in power. Not to mention his daughter converted and raised her children in a (((welcoming environment))). That's too many Jews in the White House for there not to be a Socialist plot.

Case 5: Popularity among the downtrodden. No Communist leader rose on the wills of the elite. Mao with his forces, Lenin with the serfs, and Trump with the Hispanics and Blacks, who voted for him much more than they dd for Romney or McCain.

Case 6: Cult of personality. Trump has been proclaimed a "God-Emperor" by some. This messianic view of Trump and his campaign fighting against the forces of evil is similar to the eternal struggle between Proletariat and Bourgeois.
Trump Is A Commie Confirmed: 12/11/2016 18:54:08

Level 46
there finally is a reason for me to appreciate him- communism
Trump Is A Commie Confirmed: 12/11/2016 19:25:32

Empire of Kilos
Level 33
Vonny, I love you.
Trump Is A Commie Confirmed: 12/11/2016 19:34:02

Level 53
quality shitpost from von jewburg
Trump Is A Commie Confirmed: 12/11/2016 20:20:11

Level 55
pretty good post
Trump Is A Commie Confirmed: 12/11/2016 22:22:42

The Lord
Level 55
Much more convincing than WB's "theory".
Trump Is A Commie Confirmed: 12/25/2016 03:34:10

Level 19
dis is fake news
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