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CLAN WARS Tournaments: 12/7/2016 17:06:42

Tim (TIM CLAN) 😡 
Level 62
I have started a clan wars tournament series.

First : DARKLORDS VS. FALCONS-- Falcons were victorious on the NY map
Second : War of the BIRDS: Falcons vs RedEagles vs Hawks-- Falcons are victorious- POLAND map
Third : Falcons VS Vitrix mortalis, we don't have many takers yet though.

If there is another clan that wants in, please let me know and I'll open it up.
USA big map. 2v2.
If you are a good consistent player that does not get booted too much, then let me know and you can join the Falcons if you want.

CLAN WARS Tournaments: 12/10/2016 22:46:55

Level 46

Lovely grammar.
Also nice to see that the clan is picking up steam.
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