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Can't unlock maps?: 11/29/2016 12:25:19

Momen Faisal
Level 14
I've been playing this for a few weaks, and I'm currently progressing through the single player campaign as it really helps leveling up and I find the multiplayer really hard.

I like playing custom games with AI's but I've only got 6 maps.
Small Earth
Medium Earth
United States
Double Earth

When I level up I unlock 5-6 maps and it says I can use them when creating single player or multiplayer levels, but when I try to create a game, only those 6 maps show up, I made another account, leveled it up to level 11, and only those 6 show up, where the hell are the other maps?
Please help, those maps are becoming more boring with every game.
Can't unlock maps?: 11/29/2016 12:47:19

Level 60
(Oh lord, your name made me initially mistake you for a well known forum troll...)

I think I know the source of your problem, though.

On the "Map" selection tab, did you change the "Featured Maps" to "All Maps"?

Here's a gif explaining it:

I have no idea why Featured is the default option and that can't be changed, but you have to take off from it if you want to see all other maps. Yeah, it's pretty annoying. Specially because "Featured" is a very arbitrary decision by Fizzer, seeing as only 3 (some would argue less) of these maps are actually good.
Can't unlock maps?: 11/29/2016 13:36:18

Level 33
yes I always forgot to hit apply to. make sure to hit apply
Can't unlock maps?: 11/29/2016 23:50:05

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
O.O i'm saving that gif link somewhere
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