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Viewing Cards: 11/9/2011 17:34:16

Sunny Rain
Level 41
Has anyone here played a multiplayer game where they could view the opponents cards? What do you think of that setting? I'd be interested to hear your experiences as it seems like a setting that is rarely used. PEACE
Viewing Cards: 11/9/2011 17:46:30

Level 5
It feels awesome, dude! You gotta try it!
Viewing Cards: 11/9/2011 18:00:31

Level 54
Viewing Cards: 11/9/2011 19:48:39

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I've only seen it on a larger map with lots of cards, but quite frankly it could have not existed and nothing would have changed about that game.

For it to make a difference, the number of players and cards available has to be small enough that people can actually keep track of individual cards. It could be interesting in 1v1, for instance.

Other than that, it will depend on the specific card. A reinforcements card for 50 when you have an income of 20 is a big deal, and knowing when it gets played is important. An order priority card, or several, will only matter rarely.

Honestly, if the game isn't partially built around it (some cards being very important for the settings, like a Spy card with complete fog), then it won't make too much of a difference. The more players and more cards involved, the less it matters who can see it.
Viewing Cards: 11/9/2011 20:40:05

Level 5
I played a 2v2 with it, +15 reinforcement cards only. It really didn't make a whole lot of difference honestly.
Viewing Cards: 11/11/2011 12:31:50

Math Wolf 
Level 63
I'm in a game where it makes a big difference. It can be used for tactical purposes.
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