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Can not save Single Player Games: 11/10/2016 19:59:02

Level 60
I have read many blog posts and have not found the answer.
Maybe 1/2 of the lower levels would save, and I would be asked if I wished to resume when I came back. But some never save.
One blog post said, "visit the Saved Games sub-tab under the Single Player main tab." There is no Saved Games sub-tab, at least not on my mac.
I have followed the link mentioned in this blog, and it always says I have no saved games.
Please help.
Can not save Single Player Games: 11/10/2016 21:58:44

Level 62
Single player games are automatically saved. The saved games can be found at https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer/SavedGames. Editing the Wiki right now.

Games might not appear because of deleting local storage / you not letting WarLight store more local storage.

Edited 11/10/2016 22:00:17
Can not save Single Player Games: 11/11/2016 18:31:53

Level 60
Thanks for your help, Dan.
But I keep leaving single player games and when I try to re-open it starts anew. No resume option.
When I go to the link you provided above, it shows no saved games.
1. Is there a link that describes how to allow WarLight more storage?
2. The is no "Saved Games" sub-tab on my mac that I can see. Is that a mac problem, browser problem, my problem?

Thanks again.
Can not save Single Player Games: 11/11/2016 18:38:23

Level 60

Make sure this is on. If that simple link solve it, great. Else you can try to look at the following steps too. (Even if you haven't gotten the error)
Can not save Single Player Games: 11/11/2016 19:44:07

Level 60
Hard disk storage was already enabled. I disabled it, then -re-enabled it.
The error 2134 link showed me how to clear local storage, but that page showed I had nothing there- no keys.
Still no saving.
Is there any hope?
I am still interested in that "Saved Games" subtab. Am I the only one who can't see one?
Thanks again.
Can not save Single Player Games: 11/11/2016 20:19:06

Level 61

Warzone Creator
Can you tell me what browser you're using?

It sounds like your browser ran out of storage, so it's unable to save new games. WarLight tries to automatically delete unnecessary data when it runs out of space (such as cached maps, etc.), but it doesn't work sometimes and I'm trying to figure out why (it seems to be dependent on browser).

This problem is made worse by having "enable hard disk storage" enabled, since that causes maps to cache which takes up some of the space.

You can go to https://www.warlight.net/Test/LocalStorage to see how much space you're using. Most browsers cap this at 5mb. You can clear everything in your local storage here, or also clean up space by deleting games at https://www.warlight.net/SinglePlayer/SavedGames

If you can't get it working, please contact me at https://www.warlight.net/ReportBug

Edited 11/11/2016 20:20:14
Can not save Single Player Games: 11/13/2016 00:29:41

Level 56
Sounds like you'll probably need to develop some sort of better save/cache management system. I just checked that test page and indeed I'm probably at the 5mb limit, which would explain why I also can't save games.

But because everything about saving is hidden to 'simplify' everything, it actually makes it very difficult to a) fix any problems ourselves (like deleting saved games, since the saved games list is 'hidden' for 'simplicity'; or to empty the cache, since the fact that the cache is even being used is 'hidden' for 'simplicity'), and b) to identify *what* the problem even is, and c) to even identify that there *is* a problem in the first place (since to someone with a problem it simply appears that a save feature doesn't even *exist* (again, since it's all 'hidden' for 'simplicity')).

IMHO, even if a feature is simplified by providing 'automatic' behaviour or 'default' settings, there should still be a way to at least monitor the settings/behaviour, and better would be to be able to manage/fix/reset anything that's gone awry.

Hopefully the 'solution' isn't a blunt 'delete entire cache', since that would force me to delete all saved games when I simply want to empty the map cache.
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