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Dead Circle in Round-Robin Tournaments: 11/3/2016 12:04:05

Level 58
Does anyone know how Warlight determines rank in tournaments in face of a dead circle? Dead Circle in way where players have equal Wins and Losses and rotational wins among themselves.

It does not have to be especially for a first place, might as well be for second-third etc.
Dead Circle in Round-Robin Tournaments: 11/3/2016 13:50:27

Level 60
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but if player A and player B tie for 1st place, 1st place goes to player A if player A beat player B in their game and vice versa.
Dead Circle in Round-Robin Tournaments: 11/3/2016 14:18:50

Level 66
What he is asking about is more like "tie between A,B,C where A beat B, B beat C, C beat A".
And places are random in such case.
Dead Circle in Round-Robin Tournaments: 11/3/2016 15:18:13

Level 61
What happens in a coin tournament that finishes that way?
Dead Circle in Round-Robin Tournaments: 11/3/2016 15:26:26

master of desaster 
Level 65
There are no coin round robins
Dead Circle in Round-Robin Tournaments: 11/3/2016 19:27:36

Level 58
No-Coin Round robins, seriously? And I thought one day, despite huge disadvantages of non-US coin deposit/withdrawal I will play for coins.

Thanks for the answer. I feared they are, because I had one tournament of a like. I understand Warlights concept of zero-sum game that there is only one winner per game, but I do not think this should be right in Tournament case. Yes, 2nd nor 3rd place grant any points, but just for the sake of ranking it sill should try rank players.

Most convenient solution is weighted wins, meaning who won games against players who scored highest in final ranking (leaving out players who are in dead circle). Or if the dead circle is among ranks 2nd to 4th it could rank those higher, who (if) beated the winner of tournament.

I had such hopes that Tournaments can be turned into series and ranks would represents points, just to see who has overall ranked highest in season.

I just asked an innocent question and learned two disappointing facts about Warlight. No coin Round-Robins and fucked-up ranking in round-robin system.
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