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Updating a Published Map: 12/18/2013 03:11:37

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Hello. Last month, I came out with a World War I Europe Map ( http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=26422 ). It has a pretty good rating, 4/5, but due to a lack of volunteers for testing I only tested the game 2 times and got minimal suggestions. And somehow, as usual, I failed to see my own mistakes. After I had it public and finally started hosting some games, and then I got a bunch of e-mails of problems. I will admit when I was trying to publish this map I was in a little bit of a rush to get it published by armistice day, but I did look over the map and didn't see anything wrong with it initially, except for 1 problem with the Luxembourg flag.
To give you an idea of what all I fixed, it was not just 2 or 3 minor changes, summarized reasons are in parenthesis. Fixed map link - http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=27283
1. Linked Jutland to Iceland so that the Kingdom of Denmark bonus can be acquired without having to go thru the kingdom of Norway (ease of access)
2. Linked Cyprus to the Lower Nile so that the British Mediterranean bonus can be acquired without having to go thru the Ottoman empire bonus (ease of access)
3. Linked Attica to Izmir so it could be easier to travel thru Greece (speed up gameplay)
4. Linked Constantine to Sardinia so North Africa is easier to reach (ease of access)
5. Linked Lisbon to Brittany (speed up gameplay)
6. Fixed Luxembourg Flag to include bottom bar (decoration fix)
7. Linked Finland to Estland (speed up gameplay)
8. Removed White Russia 1917 bonus, Eastern Break Away states bonus, and Soviet Russia 1917 bonus to de-rig Russia of it's overlapping bonuses from 52 armies value to 34 armies value (de-rig to eliminate unfair advantage)
9. Removed Moscow bonus as it was not the capital of Russia (historical accuracy)
10. De-rigged Athens bonus which was originally 4 Armies (by accident) to 1 army like other capitals (de-rig to eliminate unfair advantage)
11. Added "Major Powers of 1914" Distribution, with 6 most powerful nations in 1914 able to pick
12. Added "Powers of WWI" Distribution, with all powers of ww1 able to pick
13. Added "Capitals" Distribution, with ability to pick capitals of nations to start off in
I would like to replace the map currently up for public with the fixed map that is still in development. As you can see, I made lots of changes to the map, but my question is, how do I replace my map?

Edited 12/18/2013 03:15:43
Updating a Published Map: 12/18/2013 03:17:54

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Updating a Published Map: 12/18/2013 10:40:43

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duplicate the public version, edit the duplicated one, upload the new svg, then send it to public.
Updating a Published Map: 12/18/2013 22:06:59

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Thank you
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