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How [Lynx] started...: 10/26/2016 08:56:47

Level 56
With 12 year old AlexVGreat running around asking for members at the start...


Food for thought...

Truly the only clan that went from rubbish to good... map props to him...

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How [Lynx] started...: 10/26/2016 12:49:23

Level 60
This should be in the clans forum
How [Lynx] started...: 10/26/2016 14:15:34

Level 60
Truly the only clan that went from rubbish to good

Erm... what about Illuminati then?
How [Lynx] started...: 10/26/2016 14:20:14

Level 60
We went from rubbish to fantastic, then back to nonexistent. Now we're just in limbo. Lol.

How about CORP though? They had a pretty strong strat group for a bunch of roleplayers. Kudos to CORP management for pulling that one off.
How [Lynx] started...: 10/26/2016 15:18:34

Great Expanse 
Level 59
Hydra is a pseudo-sibling of Illuminati so you could say that yes Illuminati did go from rubbish to good but just transcended the bounds of a traditional clan.
How [Lynx] started...: 10/28/2016 17:56:36

Level 59
https://www.warlight.net/Forum/4755-new-clans is one of my favorite threads of all time. Here is Miyagi's brief summary in the form of a poem:

Alex thinks 101st is good,
JSA says they are still in there childhood
Alex says he doesn't want an argument
yet his comment had exquisite placement
JSA says 101st will never be one of the best
to that statement almost none will protest

Apollo became a very strong clan leader as time went on; it was amazing watching 101st (and Lynx) grow under his leadership.

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