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Gentleman's etiquette on FFA (Guiroma, 35/85): 10/19/2016 23:02:19

Captain Black 
Level 56

I kept quiet on this game, and was a little too persistent. I'm not posting for a shit storm of trash talk I'm just curious as to how my fellow FFA players would have played this. More importantly how, or when they would've called the game. I particularly don't like voting because it's a waste of time.
Gentleman's etiquette on FFA (Guiroma, 35/85): 10/20/2016 21:15:26

Level 60
I have seen many games on that template, where two (or three) players ends in a seemingly stalemate. (Practical same income)
I have never seen that lead to a VTE. Somehow someone manages to make progress over time, due to chockpoints, deploying behind borders etc.

Having 30 more income, i would say the other guy should just surrender, since it is lost in the long run. Particulerly the last 70~ turns, he should have realized that you where making progress. You where not wasting his time, he was wasting yours.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2