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AI Games [Updates]: 10/14/2016 17:02:31

Level 58
The AI Games News
Our new platform, sponsored competition, and more!

Hi Hostile,

It has been a while since the last update, but with good reason! You might have noticed TheAIGames.com has been a bit stale lately, not much new stuff has been added. But that is because we're working very hard on our new platform Riddles.io. This platform will make it easy for anyone to set up their own AI programming competition, with any of the games we already provide or will custom build. There are a lot more advantages and improvements to this new platform and we now have a team that is 4-5 times the size of the team that created TheAIGames.com. For more information and discussion, check out this forum post.

Hack-man competition. Click!
So now time for some great new content: Booking.com, the world’s largest accommodation site, is the first company with a publicly available game on the Riddles.io platform. The game is called Hack-man, and your bot will have to navigate through the Booking.com headquarters in Amsterdam. Your challenge will be to collect code snippets faster than your opponent, while your bot battles or avoids bugs. The finals will be held in March. Prizes will be announced at a later date, but they will be worth the wait.
Note: you have to create a new account on Riddles.io to compete.
All new competitions will be hosted on the new platform, whether they are sponsored like the one above, or our own. You will be able to play just like you are used to, often with some great prizes for the winners. Expect a new competition of our own next week! Keep an eye on the competitions page of TheAIGames.com, because all Riddles.io competitions will also be shown there.

The following is for the competitions on TheAIGames.com: Ultimate Tic Tac Toe is (finally) out of Beta! Meaning the source code for the engine is available on our Github page, and the dates for the finals are known. The lockdown will start at Sunday January 15, 23.59. During this time bots can not be updated. Exactly 1 week later the top 24 in the leaderboard are selected to go to the Semi-finals. So try to create the greatest Tic Tac Toe bot before January the 15th!

The Go competition will also come out of Beta in the coming weeks, we have the finals for that competition planned in April, but you'll receive more information about that soon.

That's all for now. Have fun coding!

Jim & the Riddles.io dev team
AI Games [Updates]: 10/14/2016 18:40:37

Level 58
I was always wondering what those guys business model was. I guess it's company sponsored contests now, where in exchange the companies get some advertising and maybe good recruits. Well, I don't know about those modern business models, I mean google earns a shitload of money, despite me having never bought anything via one of those adds.
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