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Clan Searching: 10/9/2016 16:19:10

Trixie Lulamoon
Level 55
So I'm actively looking for a RP or Strategic clan to join. With the possibility of expanding my strategic play.
Clan Searching: 10/9/2016 17:25:41

Level 62
Well you're in the right place! There are thousands of clans that goat people in offering just that!

Edited 10/9/2016 17:25:55
Clan Searching: 10/9/2016 20:50:14

Level 60
Shilling for the juggies before they arrive. They are one of the few RP-Strat mixes still out there. Their only problems can be summed up in five letters: T, A, B, B, Y.
Clan Searching: 10/9/2016 20:54:52

Level 59
Hello Trixie!

Juggs may be a nice clan for you! We have a diplo group and we are now with a nice strategic team too, with several good players that you may play together to improve if you want, and several internal tournaments.

If you are interested, you may talk with cat juggernaut, or answer here.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4