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Start another Crusade: Defeat islam: 10/8/2016 08:55:23

Remove Kebab
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Islam is bad, it needs to be eradicated.
Start another Crusade: Defeat islam: 10/8/2016 14:34:29

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^I won't say another crusade because you want seculars and Hindus on your side. It should be done by the West, Russia, India together against political Islam aka Islamism. The religion should be allowed to stay but all its political implications should be banned.

Oh and the Wahhabi entity should be disbanded and all its land that is not privately held should be open to colonization. We should protect private properties of everyone but the Wahhabi monarch and his family. Let's build the first rational Utopia on the corpse of one of the most repressive regimes on Planet Earth. Former Wahhabi-occupied lands should be controlled by rational people, not CIN-type guys.

Even "moderate Islam" in its current form involves politics. This should not be allowed. Political religions are too dangerous for the public.

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Start another Crusade: Defeat islam: 10/8/2016 23:08:00

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Start another Crusade: Defeat islam: 10/11/2016 11:51:49

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Do you hear it, the sound of jets and FaceTime?
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