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New Map, New Tamplate, New Tournament: 10/5/2016 20:23:35

Level 57
1) Map: Fusssball


FusssBall - a twisted map of Germany.
Map is designed for 2v2, 1v1 or FFA games.
Bonusses are balanced and valued (n-1). No superbonusses.
13 distribution modes

General map layout is divided into 3 functional layers:
1) outer ring - composed of bigger bonusses connected laterraly by narrow passages (without choke points)
2) inner ring - composed of smaller bonusses scattered around the perimeter of big ball. Some choke points placed between them.
3) big ball - positioned centrally, serves as a big hub which shortens the passge from north to south (to counterballance a bit streched geography of Germany)

Great thx for all those who helped me with the creation of this map, especially testers, Mr T (for his contribution into creating "Hools" template) and Dr.Awkward (author of most of the territory/bonus names)

2) Template: "Hools"

This template allows for fast 1v1 games focused around the center of the map, no army stand guard!

Game example: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=12023270

Template description:

"True football fans know that sometimes you have to fight for your team. Literally. This is the day. Fight your way through the stadium!!!

--- 3 territories per player (each with 2 armies), only distributable outside football (with exception of central star)
--- 4 base income
--- +1 army for every 3 territories
--- TURNED OFF: "one army must stay guard"
--- neutrals in football are defended by 0 while those outside are 2
--- reinf cards (+4) every 4 rounds, three blockade cards per game
--- wastelands (~15%, worth 4)
HINT: it may be important to prevent your enemy from easily taking +9 ball bonus
HINT2: grow fast - investing in eco is rewarding here"

3) Tournament:
free public tournament with $$$ prize:


Please enjoy...8]

Edited 10/6/2016 22:09:27
New Map, New Tamplate, New Tournament: 10/6/2016 01:38:26

[FEL]Spider Cat
Level 22
I help test his map, but don't even get an invite :(


At this point I wouldn't be surprised if my naming suggestion wasn't even included

Edited 10/6/2016 01:46:11
New Map, New Tamplate, New Tournament: 10/6/2016 05:08:23

Level 57
plese forgive me this lack of invitation -ap poped up public yesterday evening and I didnt have much time to prepare everything correctly- I only send invites to friendslist and members of some clans. However tthe tournent is public plus you are invited already. Talking about your map influence - I rearranged all bonuslinks emblems doue to your ssugestions ...
New Map, New Tamplate, New Tournament: 10/6/2016 20:45:46

Level 60
Well some people gotta take the credit, after all making a map is all about using it to make good warlight games.
New Map, New Tamplate, New Tournament: 10/9/2016 10:23:42

Level 57
tournament is almost filled- up!
Only 38 places left

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