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How to win crazy-challange?: 10/18/2011 11:59:20

Level 3

How to win crazy-challange?

I have tried 30 times and every time I will get fucked up...

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/18/2011 12:14:12

Rainbow Dash (Kurtis)
Level 10

Try restarting until you get a good starting spot
and make sure you don't let 1 of the team of 3 get to powerful

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/18/2011 15:05:50

Level 3

How the hell can I keep them balanced when there is fog of war...

And what is the best place to start...

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/18/2011 15:59:31

Level 16

Well, I suppose that if you're swallowing one team like crazy and the other one is swallowing you... you could call that a bad balance. But it's tricky, that's for sure.
Would've been even trickier if the teams were human.

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/18/2011 17:45:20

Level 44

check each territory by it's bonus/territory ratio, and find the area with the best combination, and least likely chance of being contested..
w-e Africa are widely considered some of the better spots because with a bit of luck you can get 4 bonuses with only 4 borders..

If you start in a large bonus, -Canada, Antarctica, E.Russia, Australia, South America, Greenland- There is no point in continuing most of the time, especially if your aiming for the gold star.

Anywhere in Asia is bad because of the large borders you will likely end up with when you find opponents, and the only real good ratio's are india, caucasus, E.china.

Scandinavia and Mexico seem like good spots because the initial bonus can be done on turn 1 with a bit of luck, but Scandinavia has little in expansion possibliities, and Mexico requires you to capture N.America before anyone gets in, or risk a futile war keeping your bonuses in tact.

bonus armies/territories
Canada 7/10 70%
W.US 5/7 71%
E.US 5/7 71%
Mexico 3/4 75%
S.Am 4/8 50%
Ant 4/7 57%
Green 4/7 57%
Scand 3/4 75%
Europe 6/9 66%
W.Rus 5/8 62.5%
C.Rus 5/7 71%
E.Rus 6/10 60%
Caucasus 6/6 100%
W.Chi 6/7 86%
E.Chi 4/5 80%
M.East 4/6 66.6%
India 4/4 100%
Indo 3/5 60%
Aust 4/8 50%
S.Af 3/5 60%
W.Af 4/5 80%
E.Af 4/5 80%
N.Af 3/5 60%

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/18/2011 18:19:12

Level 3

I took the Africa but motherfuckers attacted from three different direction...

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/18/2011 18:20:41

Level 3

Thanks for feedback. I will keep eye on bonuses.

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/18/2011 18:42:01

Major Lazer 
Level 29

There is 12yo playing this game mate... Take it easy on the swearing. Sorry about that, I like a bit of swearing myself!

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/18/2011 19:07:37

Level 3

I am 20 year old and I have tried 50 times to win the challange. I tried to take over the Africa. When I managed to do this I noticed that one nasty AI bitch is conquered the whole Asia and now it is attacking against me. Every time when I play this game stronger AI comes from nowhere and whipe out my bonus areas.

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/19/2011 18:44:10

Level 15

Same here. Every time when my bonuses reached 30, here came a crazy AI with 40 armies to attack me. I tried to attack crazily or defense carefully. But neither strategy worked.

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/20/2011 10:48:43

Has quit playing
Level 59

Same here. I gave up on this after ~10 attempts. It's just pure luck, nothing else. Better play more multiplayer games that try to crack this one ;).

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/21/2011 10:07:26

Level 6

well, i did it.

i startet in east US, and it was the first i conquered. then i took west US, while the first opponent attacked from mexiko, but he was weak. i could overtake central amerika and next step was canada and greenland. for defense i put about 20 armies on alaska and california. after i conquered greenland and south america, i took antartica. then i attacked europe over britain and svalbard/norway and southafrica and nigeria simultaneous. after that, is was easy.

so, definitely, it's possible with a bit of luck.

i startet the insane map, and THATS realy hard.

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/21/2011 11:33:01

Level 50

I have played this challenge like 1000 times. I can give you few tips. I did not manage to reach a star in this challenge, but i did it in 26 turns. I always start in Asia. West China, East China and Caucasus are good for me. I keep restarting game until I get one of these places and when after 3 turns there is noone bordering me then I continue playing.
I used to start in North America in every location. But these AIs always were closing me on my continent and I couldn't expand enough to beat them. The same situation I had in Africa.
Nice thing is when 2 AIs from opposite teams are bordering you and also each other. Then you should not attack them, just make your borders safe, let them fight against each other, and keep expanding in other direction.

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/21/2011 11:52:05

Kleyton Manning 
Level 17

I've had best luck starting in Africa or Mexico. In Africa I pretty much restart if I see an enemy, because the last thing you want to be doing is spending a ton of turns securing the bonus.

There is also a fair bit of luck involved. The game is near impossible to win if one of the AI teams is doing too well - you will be smashed as you try to expand.

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/21/2011 11:59:10

Level 5

Level 1: Won in 1 turns
Level 2: Won in 1 turns
Level 3: Won in 1 turns
Europe: Won in 1 turns
Crazy: Won in 1 turns
Insane: Won in 1 turns

You are damn good in games versus AI.

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/21/2011 16:30:53

Level 55

lol. i tried the insane challenge 3 times. if it takes more than 3 tries i don't want to do it again, though a guy who beat it multiple times told me how he did it.

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/29/2011 16:13:08

Level 3


I won the crazy challange!


The secret was to start in Africa. Then take over South-America and Antarctis. When I conquered those areas I took over Australia and some islands near Australia. I also attacked at the same time to Asia to take over enemies's bonus areas. Then I also bullied my enemy when I attacked to Mexico and America. It was easy to keep the enemy away to get some bonus...

I did not attack against the weaker side. It was in Europe.

The secret is to expand and take over enemies bonus areas. If you can't take them then just play around so the enemy can't get his bonus.

How to win crazy-challange?: 10/25/2012 03:43:29

Stephen Roy Bailey
Level 8
I have to admit, I'm quite butt hurt from failing this challenge so many times. I've gotten up to 40+ reinforcement bonus so many times and it just seems like as soon as i get big enough to keep up with a whole teams reinforcement rate that out of nowhere 90 or more enemy troops show up.
I've tried so many strategies over the last week. I've taken africa, i've taken north america, i've taken europe and no matter which area i take and get large and successful in the computer always shows up with a rediculous number of troops

I love the challenge butt i don't think i'm going to win this challenge without sever luck.

I'd really like to request a challenge that is difficult but actually able to be beaten with skill alone instead of needing blind luck as well.
How to win crazy-challange?: 10/25/2012 10:53:24

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
easy solution: play multiplayer until you're good enough to win crazy challenge, no need to rush and get frustrated :)
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