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The Underdogs: 11/28/2013 12:07:26

Level 56
Hello everyone,

This is a thread about the underdogs of the map world :). I invite you to write 3 maps (or more or even less :) that u think are underrated, why do u think so and what would you do to improve them. The list doesn't have to be in any particular order.

I'll go first :)

In my opinion besides being playable and more or less balanced, a map should have it's own flavor that separates it from the rest. It should fit the world you are trying to depict and evoke a positive feeling.

* The Lost Plateaus by golem


It is very well made and I love the feeling it evoke while looking at it, you really get that sense of..well "the lost Plateaus" :). It has some nice choke points and separate islands. The main reason it is underplayed maybe the fact that it is too small and with some extra divisions it could be one of the best maps on warlight.

* Crescent Island by Urfang


Nice setting and the little icons are inspiring (they remind me of "Warlords" if anyone remembers that game). Every region has it's own flair which i find refreshing. The only fault i can find is that the bonuses are too big and making them smaller would increase play-ability and get it at it's rightful place at the top :)

* Drakemor's World by Smok


Wonderful map for the same reasons as before it has a wonderful setting, great design and is interesting to play. Why is it so underrated? I have no idea, maybe more connections?
The Underdogs: 11/28/2013 14:10:35

Level 57
Personally, i think Drakemor's connections make me dizzy @.@
The Underdogs: 11/28/2013 14:35:24

☨ DriveByPsy
Level 56
It seems to be a good place to do some lobbying for Gui's China and Medium East Asia map which are really underplayed despite their evident qualities.



Both maps are well balanced and offer a real strategic interest, perfect for competitive games. Also the sober and neat design makes these maps easily readable and pleasing to the eye without unnecessary superficialities which can often make things more confusing than anything else.
The Underdogs: 11/28/2013 16:36:01

Level 60
never tried that lost plateaus, have to give it a go sometime
The Underdogs: 11/29/2013 09:06:28

Level 56
So no one has anything interesting to offer :) Too bad i was looking forward to trying out some maps that i may have missed :)
The Underdogs: 11/29/2013 10:21:52

Level 66
Nope, everyone busy playing Medium Earth map ;P There's a lot fine maps, unfortunately most people focus on focus strat settings (that's why i like warlight league created by dom and andy so much). MiddleEast(the smaller one) and SouthAmerica(http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=3077805) are nice maps for 2v2 and 3v3 repectively, but as it took ages to start games (with decent prereqs) i had to switch to bigger and smaller Rome for this games.
The Underdogs: 11/29/2013 15:33:59

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
Here´s three of my favourites, that I don´t see many games on. I agree with you, great maps have more than just territories and connections and fair gameplay, they have life even if they are just used for strategic gameplay

Eranis World by jacek


A fun, balanced map for 5 players. The design is pretty and the hex´s work well in this setup.
I´ve had alot of fun games using the special distribution modes that come with it! Like you said, it has a great flavour that brings the map to life.

China: Warring States by Shuai


Nicely made and interestingly laid out. ¨This map is based on actual cities, walls, and spheres of influence around 450 B¨ The bonus structure works to realistically (i assume so atleast) benefit the cities as opposed to the surrounding ´barbarians´ - however despite technically being unbalanced, it´s very balanced within the confines of it´s structure. The rivers, walls and sea routes are all a nice touch aswell, I think.

Iberia by {rp} Ibn Batuta


A large map of Iberia that includes realistic rivers and mountains - adding a nice dimension and strategic aspect - Chokepoints and natural boundaries for nations.

A fun map to play on, it also has alot of fun distribution choices! The Punic, Napoleonic and Civil wars are all available to play!

Edited 11/29/2013 15:34:55
The Underdogs: 12/1/2013 16:41:18

Level 56
Indeed Discord I've played Eranis and it's a fun map. Iberia on the other hand i somehow missed but after first look it seems that it can offer quite interesting games.
The Underdogs: 12/2/2013 06:22:17

Level 59
I've never played on the Iberia map. Looks nice so I started a game on it.I'm a big fan of Gui's maps. Eranis is a fun map. Haven't played it in a while.

A friend and I made the Khan map last year. It's a nice map but we need to open up the middle a bit. As it is now it's just a race to the center. I wish I still had access to the svg. I'd like to play around with it and reconfigure some things. I'm not sure how to link maps but I have it on my profile. Does anyone have any thoughts on what you would change?
The Underdogs: 12/2/2013 14:28:44

{rp} Kvich 
Level 52
blortis, you can download the svg from the webside, through the develop map portion.
The Underdogs: 12/2/2013 20:50:41

Level 59
Yeah but it was published on his account so I can't get to it. I should just start fresh and simplify things so the map can be bigger.
The Underdogs: 12/2/2013 20:58:54

Level 58
To link a map.

step 1. go to the map page http://warlight.net/Map?ID=6664
step 2. click on "examine this map in detail"
step 3. copy/paste the URL http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=15549
The Underdogs: 12/5/2013 21:38:14

Level 59
Thanks Hennns.

It has a good rating but I never see anyone use this map. Great for ffa or team games.

China Invasions
Great map for smaller games. On a side note what happened to his Ice Mountain map?

There are a bunch of great maps out there but most people seem to stick to what they know.
The Underdogs: 12/6/2013 01:27:04

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
I have played a few games on Sengoku, it looks like it has alot of potential for fun games but it always seems to end up being East v West with everyone in the middle getting squished, making the gameplay just a little bit too linear. With some sea zones I think that would be improved (but obviously such an old map is unlikely to change)
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