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Warlight Training School goes public: 9/24/2016 14:26:03

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 60
Warlight Training School is a circle of warlight players led by me which seeks to help beginner players become better at the game. We started around 3 weeks ago. We mostly play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 games on various templates to showcase different settings to students. I provide quality games and good community for anyone who is participating in our games. Our students start from simpler templates and maps and with increasing complexity move through all settings and most special maps like complex Europe or hopscotch. After each game I comment on what each of players has done right and wrong and depending on how much time I have left at the time, I also try to write reviews of the games.

Participating in our program may take around a year and 50 games, so you should keep it in your mind if you want to join. You do not need to undergo the whole program, but skipping parts of it might leave you with limited knowledge. We require our students to understand English language well, be communicative and active. Our players participate in 5-10 games at any given time and our games have 3 days boot standard and honor vacations, so if you can handle it, you are good to go. We have already assembled 4 beginner players and have 12 various skill levels players joining the games to help students see different examples of gameplay.

All the games and reviews at the moment are solely made by me so only limited amount of new students can join at the moment. There are 6 open spots for new students at the moment and if there will be more interested players I will choose who gets to participate on these criteria: ability to communicate well, will to improve and current skill level. Generally weakest players are first to be accepted as they have got the most to learn and therefore Warlight Training School has the most potential to help them. Depending on the time of your joining you will be assigned to a group of players with similar progress on training program.

If for some reason you cannot participate as the student or want to simply play some fun games, you can join as a guest player and you will be sporadically invited to our training games. There are unlimited spaces for this position, but the more players join the less games will they get invited to as there’s only so much games I can have my students in at any given time.

If you are interested you could apply for a teacher position. You would be invited to some of the training games and would be required to comment on student’s performance and help them learn to play better. Being a teacher is a great responsibility as you will be greatly trusted by our students and you will need to meet their expectations. Before becoming a teacher you would need to have a motivational conversation with me and also prove that you know the game well enough to be capable of teaching it.

I have recently made a blog to contain all the reviews of student’s games. Its link is https://warlightgamereviews.wordpress.com/ There is still some work to be done to improve it, but in my opinion it’s already good enough for public usage. Writing a review takes plenty of time so I have only written and added 4 reviews in total. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s effort to help these reviews come up more often. If you are interested in writing reviews, let me know and I will send you some game links of other finished training games.

If you are interested in either being student, guest player, teacher or game reviewer, write a post on this thread or contact me directly through Warlight mail.

The full list of already participating players can be found here https://warlightgamereviews.wordpress.com/about/
Warlight Training School goes public: 9/24/2016 19:25:46

Level 57
I'd like to participate as a student.
Warlight Training School goes public: 9/24/2016 21:25:53

Level 50
I think it's a great idea. I'm unsure how well it will work, but at least the concept I strongly approve of.

Implementation-wise though, most of the "guest" players seem like mediocre players, at best.

In fact, 2 of the 4 students listed are better than most of the guests IMO.

EDIT: I also question the point of starting with Imperium Romanum, especially the template you used. It's cities, not warlords. I can't think of a single strategic template that uses cities. Might as well be full dist It'd be terrible either way.

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Warlight Training School goes public: 9/25/2016 08:48:49

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 60
Imperium Romanum was chosen because it's a popular map, so beginner players could feel comfortably at first. I could have chosen earth maps, but they have plenty of strategic templates based upon them, so they will be eventually covered up. Introduction to Strategic templates is in stage 2, so it might get boring for players to play the same map over and over again.

My training games start on full distribution and then move to cities and later warlords. I want players to have equal time on all distributions as they all tend to lead into different picking strategies. On Imperium Romanum cities distribution makes 1 territory 1 income bonuses less valuable, which does force players to consider starting in different locations of the map.

Cities and full distributions often lead into situations where players start in the same bonus, so they need to consider it carefully when choosing where to start. I also think that early contact situations are valuable lessons for students as they get to experience what does it mean to face opponent from turn 1 and are taught about holding their position and efficient expansion. I think that full and cities distribution are best to showcase some of the beginners how much cluster-picking can be dangerous or ineffective.

Anyone can be a guest player as long as they don't get booted or ruin conversations/mood of players. Some of them are clearly not very good, but I do believe that they can serve as a stepping stone for my students as they can quickly get the taste of first victory and therefore get more motivated to work harder to beat more players. I also think that even if guest player is not very good at first he can improve thorough training games as game reviews will include his moves and during the games he might receive comments from other stronger players as well.
Warlight Training School goes public: 9/25/2016 09:00:28

Level 50
I agree that full dist and cities allow people to hugely mess up via cluster picking, but I don't really think it's more likely to border turn 1 on those distributions. I'd argue you're more likely to start bordering your opponent when a larger % of all available starting spots are going to be populated turn 1.

My beef with cities and full dist is I just find it much more difficult to make "dominant" picks. The fewer options there are, the more realistic it is to go through various permutations to find the best picks available.

I'd be interested in writing reviews, but I wouldn't claim to be knowledgeable enough on all templates you are likely to use.

ie. I can analyze strat 1v1 games effectively. I think I can analyze strat 2v2 fairly well as well.

I'd be horrible at analyzing 3v3 Europe. Similarly I rarely play Guiroma or any other template on Imperium Romanum.

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Warlight Training School goes public: 9/26/2016 07:10:09

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 60
Thank you for your interest. I currently have barely any time to write full reviews, so any type of help is greatly appreciated.

My students at the moment are being introduced to cards and also have been invited to some games with random distribution to check how they act in uncommon scenarios. Later I plan to introduce them to 1 income per x territories setting and later make some basic games on original Earth map to see how my students calculate bonus efficiency into their play. After that I plan to move to strategic templates introduction phase. Prior to this point all the games they had were on Imperium Romanum map with 2-4 manual picks, full/cities distribution, both blockade cards, airlifts and reinforcements. All of them were either 1v1s, 2v2s or 3v3s.

I'll pm you full list of unreviewed games, pick one of them and write what mistakes and strong moves did all players involved make. Some of my players are pretty weak, so try to write in a way that it would be easy to understand even for a beginner.

I have currently privately contacted 3 players offering them training and now await their response. 3 more players either in this thread or privately have expressed their interest in participating too. I'll wait for the end of the week and then depending on the situation will start making training games for new applicants.

At the moment I am looking for additional people interested in writing game reviews. I want Warlight Taining School to function smoothly and game reviews is there I fall behind. You will be allowed to write reviews at your own pace, but it would be best if you would complete at least 1 review per week. You could look for example reviews here: https://warlightgamereviews.wordpress.com/
Warlight Training School goes public: 9/26/2016 23:54:36

Level 60
cool initiative! it's not for me though.

2 cents if you care about my suggestions: long descriptions can be useful, but also quite heavy to digest. i would assume it's best to focus on specific topics one at a time. and have videos of the things being explained instead of walls of text describing the logic. :)

don't think you'll ever best vernita green's school of warlight though. ;)
Warlight Training School goes public: 9/27/2016 08:18:21

Level 56
1v1: 1313 / 1401 (94%)

What can I say...
Warlight Training School goes public: 9/27/2016 16:00:14

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 60
There are currently ~7 reviews awaiting completion and my main goal is to write 3-4 of them by end of week. Each review is sent directly to student and blog is currently serving as reviews' storage. As time goes on I intend to start including photos in reviews and also sort them by their featured mistakes. I may include video reviews as well, but at the moment that's the last thing I plan to do.

At the moment I am mostly looking for 1-2 additional game reviewers and 1 game teacher. If I manage to find them, WTC will have enough workforce to function properly 100% of time.
Warlight Training School goes public: 10/27/2016 11:29:20

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 60
Warlight Training School October update

During previous month we:
  • formed 3rd students group .
  • made 15 additional games, 6 of them being 1v1 games .
  • wrote 1 full review and wrote 5 ingame short reviews.
  • found additional teacher https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=9522268564 if he proves himself to be skilled enough for the position he will be given a student group (3-5 players) and will be given an option to make his own training program for them.
  • made an update to training program. Now all the different settings/cards are introduced before moving to different maps/templates.
  • changed game amount for each of the participant depending on how much free time they have. Students can leave game cycle and return at any time they wish, although boots in games won't be tolerated.

Our plans for the future are:
  • look for players interested in doing game reviews. So far the previous players interested in doing reviews haven't written a single review.
  • look for additional teachers and recruit a new student group for each new teacher.
  • make a first student only tournament in which students would have a perfect opportunity to learn more about each other and maybe make among new friends with students from different groups.

Players interested in joining as students or guest players are welcome too, but at the moment we already have enough of them, so no active search from our side is done and if you want to participate as one of them, you need to show your own interest.

If you want to get invited to any of positions(teacher, game reviewer, guest player, student) contact me directly via private message or write in this thread.
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/25/2016 16:49:20

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 60
Warlight Training School November update

During previous month we:

Our plans for future are:
  • Continue searching for players interested in writing game reviews. So far we have 0 additional game reviewers, but 2 players have promised to help around 2nd half of December.
  • 4 of our students have requested vacations ranging from 1 to 3 months. 2nd and 3rd student groups have been merged and at the moment we're forming new group.
  • Update game review blog. At the moment some of its pages are out of date and require updating.
  • Once we have 10 students, we intend to make a 1v1 student exclusive tournament. It was intended to be made last month, but because of student drop offs got delayed.
  • Continue working on training program and hopefully finish it. At the moment we need to complete introduction to strategic templates/maps phase and write criteria for exam games

If you want to get invited to any of positions(teacher, game reviewer, guest player, student) contact me directly via private message or write in this thread. We currently are looking for 2 more students and 2 game reviewers. You can apply for other positions as well, but at the moment we are not in desperate need for more teachers and guest players.
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/25/2016 16:55:55

Level 60
I volunteer as teacher. It fits perfectly with what I already do in Illuminati.
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/25/2016 22:03:35

Level 56
This is a great initiative. Best of luck to it!

I would be interested in doing at least one review, but I have some suggestions about reviewing first. The first thing is that I think you would get more response if you allowed people to view the game URLs without having to contact you first. For example, you could post a list of recent games either here or on your blog, perhaps tucked away on a sub-page of your blog so that only motivated people bother to go there. By opening up the process this way, you're sure to get more people interested in reviewing.

Secondly, I think you'd also get a lot more response if you allow people to submit sparse and/or incomplete/partial reviews. These partial reviews would not be given directly to the students, but would only serve as seeds to help a proper review to be written with less effort. You could even allow reviewers to read other peoples' reviews of the same game, so that they can shorten the amount of time they need to discover the key moves in the games. When people ask for feedback for their games in the forums, this is how it works. Someone might write a short blurb about a crucial mistake. Another might write about the picking stage. All you would need to provide the student with would be a compilation/summary of the various feedback bits that scattered reviewers have submitted.

With those two suggestions in mind, I would be interested in helping to provide some of that 'review fodder'. But I would probably have a hard time writing a complete, thorough, comprehensive review of the whole game from every aspect. At least I can save some time/effort for whoever writes the final review. (This is not to say I definitely *couldn't* write a full review, just that I probably won't be able to do so on a consistent basis.)

If you 'open up' the review process like this, to allow a more wiki-like or Amazon.com-like contribution model, I bet you will get a lot more participation, and you will probably end up with good reviews either way. Certainly something imperfect now will be better than something perfect that never comes.

I'll send you a PM, so if you're willing to allow such review fodder efforts, I would be interested to see some of these games that have been played. :-)

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Warlight Training School goes public: 11/26/2016 17:32:27

First Stambolist
Level 45
I would like to apply as a student.
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/27/2016 14:25:20

Master Ryiro 
Level 62
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/27/2016 23:36:13

Brexit Fan
Level 54
would also like to apply as a student thank you
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/28/2016 09:32:45

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
im not a beginner player. im just trash. i barely win any games, and the ones i do win, its only team games where my team is good. idk if i would qualify as a student. but if i do, may i please join?
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/28/2016 10:36:51

Dublin Warrior 
Level 49
I would like to apply as an intermediate student / student helper.

(Help the newbies in some capacity, and learn the advanced stuff.)

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Warlight Training School goes public: 11/28/2016 15:09:34

Level 60
To new applicants, I'll invite you guys to a 1v1 later today. Pakh will decide on your official acceptance, but myself and DanWL are currently his teachers, and I'm always happy to help someone make progress.
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/28/2016 15:23:34

Timinator • apex 
Level 63
Reviewed 5 games. Their review can be found here: https://warlightgamereviews.wordpress.com/2016/11/25/mega-review-of-5-1v1-training-games/

Sadly the template is rather poor with only 1 pick :(
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/28/2016 15:33:09

Level 60
I've just been using strat 1v1 to teach.

When a student's comfortable on that, I usually start introducing them to the realtime ladder templates; then after they're familiar with the RT ladder templates, we'd play those + strat 1v1 at random, depending on what they need the most work on.

Edited 11/28/2016 15:34:23
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/28/2016 17:40:50

Level 52
I want to become a student too. I don't really have a clue of my strength relative to others..
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/28/2016 18:36:24

Level 60
Invite you to a game, Kakuro.

To all applicants and current students, your friendly teacher Nex is recommending you read https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B024HXqzvoGCejhhajNFa1ZOVlE/edit?usp=sharing.

Further instructional material can be found from watching and studying the games of such players as:

https://www.warlight.net/LadderTeam?LadderTeamID=4090, current 1v1 ladder #1
https://www.warlight.net/LadderTeam?LadderTeamID=9054, current realtime ladder #1

and the rest of the ladder top 10s, https://www.warlight.net/LadderSeason?ID=0, https://www.warlight.net/LadderSeason?ID=3, https://www.warlight.net/Ladder?Ladder=Seasonal. The team ladders may also be of interest, but I personally am not skilled enough in team matches to teach them effectively.

Edited 11/28/2016 18:36:57
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/28/2016 18:50:15

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 60
Quick update regarding new applicants. I didn't have much time this weekend and today, but from tomorrow I'll start inviting you to new games. At the moment new teachers are still getting used to students, but after they'll have games with every one of them, they will form their own student groups. I personally don't want to have more than 10 students all by myself, because overall quality of games and teaching suffer then.

At the moment there are 8 students, 6 applicants, 4 students on vacation. That would make 18 players. Nex and DanWL should take 3-6 students each, so there's potential for 4 more applicants, maybe more if some of students on vacations leave permanently. I won't be judging how suitable applicants are for now, but during the course of your games I will be looking for these things:
  • Activity, players who will constantly get booted in games will get removed. We allow vacations for as long as you want and our games honor vacations mode. You should declare your plans in advance if your vacations are longer than 10 days and we would prefer you to finish the games you are already invited to. By joining you should be able to commit to 5-10 3 days boot games at same time.
  • Joining our games. You can decline some games if you don't like their settings, but if you decline significant amount of them (~50%), you'll get removed.
  • Respect towards each other. Please solve your conflicts as civilly as possible. Rude players will get removed.
  • Following our teachings. You can make your own moves, but if you don't plan to follow any of our advices, I don't think you should be joining.
  • Communication skills. We expect you to understand basic English and communicate without need to translate every single word. Quiet players are likely to be removed, as it's common for our teachers including myself to ask students questions on their moves.
  • If students intentionally try to ruin our team games they will get removed instantly.
  • We expect new students to be capable to defeat AI in 1v1. If player can't do it initially, it is expected that he learns it in first 5-10 games. Constant very weak performance and no sign of improving might result in removal. If you have trouble with AI, let me know and I'll try to have some extra games with you versus AIs

As for now expectations are low, but if applicant amount increases significantly, we may increase them to remove the least motivated students. I am not going to turn down anyone who wants to join, but if there are more students than we can handle, entrance exams might get included as well.

We judge our students by their actions in our games and ignore their profiles. I believe that people can change, I have seen players with 60+% boot rate start treat their games very seriously and people who have acted dishonorable become respectful and kind. If you are afraid of your past behavior or your statistic page, don't worry and apply, if you're dedicated to changing for the better you'll be fine.

Thanks to everyone who applied, it's a great honor for me and whole crew of Warlight Training School to be able to help you. We wish you best of luck in upcoming games. We plan 1 student exclusive tournament in near future so keep your eye for invites. In next couple days I'll mail every new applicant and will continue communication from there.
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/28/2016 22:04:46

Level 58
I would like to be a student
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/28/2016 22:13:20

Aki no
Level 39
I would also like to join as a student
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/29/2016 02:44:35

Level 37
I would as well be interested in joining as a student.
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/29/2016 02:58:53

Ragnar Lothbrok
Level 60
I'm interested in joining as a student as well.
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/29/2016 03:16:52

Level 60
At this rate we may need a fourth teacher; I can only do so many games at a time xD
Warlight Training School goes public: 11/29/2016 04:18:31

Wally Balls 
Level 58
i would like to join as a student

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