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Looking for a clan for team play.: 9/19/2016 22:31:22

Level 26
I like team games with players who know what they're doing & support each other.

What's a good clan for me that I can get into right now?

Looking for a clan for team play.: 9/20/2016 04:53:39

Dr. Stupid 
Level 58
The LEA headed by Captain Trips is a great team play clan. I'm not sure if they're accepting new applicants right now or not though.
Vitrix Mortalis headed up by Arminius used to be a good team play clan, too. I'm not sure what state they're in though. They've got like 80% inactive going for them and seem to be the new Darklords clan, only with less trolling.
Looking for a clan for team play.: 9/20/2016 20:22:43

Level 57
Most clans specialize in either strategic 1v1's or diplomacy games (with or without role-playing being involved). Very few clans place much importance on team play. Even a clan like Outlaws, which prides itself on its performance in team games in the clan league competitions, does not devote very much time at all to actually playing team games.

Edited 9/20/2016 20:23:46
Looking for a clan for team play.: 9/20/2016 20:46:58

Level 61
https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=175 seems to fit the description you say, I assume you are a multi-day only player so maybe that can work to your advantage in terms of reasoning why you are low level.

Team-games takes a lot of communication and effort, It takes a lot of commitment if you want to succeed at them. If you play team games for a certain period of time, You will start to see team games are work if you are putting the same amount of effort in.

I think team-games is a fundamental for a players development from my perspective recruiting players, It really does wonders.
Looking for a clan for team play.: 9/21/2016 03:13:01

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Divided we fall focuses on 2v2s but it is very difficult to get into.
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