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Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/13/2016 01:13:24

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I just now realised it...for those who don't know, Islam officially ended on September 2. It's lifetime has come to a sudden stop.

Islam was born, not when God revealed his word to Muhammad, but when a baby was born in Samarkand.



On a like topic, here's what we'd be losing if he lost other politic leaders:

Barack Obama. Barack comes from the Hebrew word for lightning. Lightning kills something like 2000 folk each year, brings about electric problems, and brings about fires so while I am awed by it, I rather want it to go. He needs to go.

Abe Shinzō (Japan's leader). Shinzō in Japanese means heart. Eh, heart attacks kill very many each year. I took out my own heart so that I wouldn't risk one of my own organs betraying me in such a way. But I then fainted a few seconds later and had to get it put back in so...keep, I guess.

Theresa May (Britain's leader). Well, the name Theresa roots back to a Greek island that was known as "Thira". Today, it's known as Santorini, and it's a small island of 90 km^2. It might be Atlantis in Greek myth. Besides being unbearably hot there, though, it's as well home to a volcano, which ~3600 years ago made a colossal explosion. It might have been the downfall of the Minoan civilisation on Kriti through a great tsunami it brought about. So, uh, she's named after an island that made genocide out of Kritans...she needs to go.

Ban Kimoon (Banded Folks' leader). Uh, some folk do need to get banned. Some folk don't. So I'm mostly for. You can stay, Ban Kimoon.
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/13/2016 01:17:41

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Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/13/2016 01:50:37

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best. clickbait. ever.
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/13/2016 13:05:08

Cata Cauda
Level 59
Your name means "To infect".
Infections are the most common cause of death around the world even today. So I propose that we use Antibiotics against you, to tear you apart alive.
You need to go.
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 01:50:17

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Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 02:05:41

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To be honest, Islam is in decline in certain parts of the world as more and more people are being educated for example in Iran. Islam may be on the rise in Europe but I doubt it will last that long (hopefully)
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 02:18:52

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^idk man, deep indoctrination is a powerful thing

many ppl are so brain-washed that literally nothing can save them
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 03:57:47

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
Pakistan hasn't nuked you yet, so that's a pretty dumb claim.
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 04:06:45

Палач из Империй
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99.9 precent muslim
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