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Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 00:39:17

[WOLF] The Conservative
Level 56
I gotta say Democracy 3 and the entire Total War franchise is at the top of my list. D3 has so much freedom and gives you problems and policy options that are up to date and actually have an impact. Its very sensitive which makes it realistic. All the MODs make it even better. You can add almost any nation you want with any set of polices. I highly suggest buying it, its worth it. Only down side is the foreign policy area basically does not exist and no good MOD has yet to be made which changes that.

Total War is awesome. Period.

Civ is also very good, that's a given. Civ 5 was a fail though.
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 00:45:53

Level 57
Minecraft will always hold a special place in my heart, even though I don't really play it anymore.

Garry's Mod is just fun for dicking around.

Cities: Skylines is really fun if you get get out of asspain of the initial start of your city

Half Life 2 is really great

Rocket League is as well

Civ 5 is really fun, despite all the hate it gets. It was the first Civ game I ever played, and I really enjoy it.

EU4 and HOI4 are also really fun.
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 00:49:55

Cheesus Crust
Level 23
I played my fair share of Age of Empires back in the day. Never got into Civ.
I stopped buying Total War after Napoleon, but Rome 2 looks good.
The only Paradox game I like is CK2. Making a Cosby dynasty was hilarious.

I'm definitely getting Battlefield 1.

EDIT: XCOM 2= Life

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Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 01:28:33

Level 56
^ Rome 2 TW is shit. You need a general for every single army, so mopping up is impossible. Stances are nice, but the UI is poor imo and I while graphics are great, battles often glitch. You don't understnad how bad it is to lose a 20 man army because they freeze up leaving ships and get slaughtered. Bigger waste of 60 bucks than COD MW. Get Shogun 2 and FotS. Way better. Cheaper too, I think.

AOE is good, just not the original. AOM is a little worse but fun for dicking around.

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Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 02:02:31

Level 58
Gold Source Engine.

I like "platforming" in my games. Almost every 90s FPS game had platform-ing and it is extra challenge. :)

Gold Source Engine is best PC game because I always find mods & fan-made maps.

The engine is very good. You can do many things in it like build a racing game, platformer or tower defense. Mods are very amazing and I have more fun than retail games because often very very silly.
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 02:31:17

Level 46
Civ V (only one I have played so far, although BNW DLC is a must buy).
EU4 (10/10 would remove kebab again)
HoI3 (Amazing WWII simulator)
DEFCON (Dark nuclear war simulator)
CONFLICT: A Middle East Political Simulator (Overall fun trying to control Middle East Politics)
Balance of Power (Another geopolitical simulator)
SimplePlanes (Fun to laugh at my terrible ability to fly)
Minecraft (some good servers)
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 02:50:50

Level 55
Half Life 2 is really great

It has practically 0 replayability, it's gameplay isn't great, I say its strength is in its kind of seeing, and once you play it, it's over. There are very many games like that.

Halo serie is pretty good I think, and Heroes of Might and Magic (before 5) might be the best strategic game serie ever.

Hostile shows what I show.

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Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 03:23:59

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
AoE: You feel really accomplished (until you actually meet the AI)

Civ: it's Civ. Civ VI is featuring Harald Hardrada as leader of Norway, so there's no reason not to love it.

Skyrim: The name is enough.
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 03:29:52

Empire of Kilos
Level 33
Never really played on PC, I've always stuck to tending my Xbox Peasant fields. So pretty much all I've played on Computers is this, Warfare 1917/1944 and Plasmaburst.
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 08:02:09

Level 53
I have to say,Medieval 2 Total war is my favourite PC game,however I've had fun with Rome TW(the original),Civ 5(my first civ even hough I have played Civ4)and to add some variety to this list,world of warships.

I really want to try out EU4 and possibly HOI4 at some point though,as I am pretty much burned out on all of the above
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 11:01:06

Level 59
Democracy 3 I frequently get assassinated by liberals. The irony xD

Good tactic for the US: cut spending; raise taxes and pay your debt in the first years; then just live off your big budget surplus and use it to afford stuff your representatives always say are too expensive to afford.

ATTENTION: Avoid raising corporarte, luxury and income taxes, usually doing that will provoke annoying things such as brain drain or tax evasion. Prefer carbon or any consumption based taxes.
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 12:04:31

Lolicon love
Level 56
Been enjoying overwatch latly.
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 15:26:11

Level 60
Pokémon black and blue is the only politically correct game I played. :O
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 15:33:06

Level 62
Bump (because of recent spam).
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 19:03:15

[WOLF] The Conservative
Level 56
TeamGuns for some reason, Liberals and Greens are the most sensitive groups with the religious community taking a close second. I actually never gotten passed one term as America which is strange because you'd think that would be easier than turning China into a Capitalist paradise lol. Oh, and I highly suggest downloading the Axis of evil MOD.
Favorite PC games and why: 9/8/2016 23:17:31

Cata Cauda
Level 59
I play quite a few. I will list my favorites.

I am kinda like Shred. I will always love that game, even if I stopped playing it.

Total War:
Specially Medieval 2, Rome 1 & 2. I also played Shogun, Napoleon and Empire, however I simply dont like the time periods, even if the game themselves are golden.

Need for speed series:
I lost my gaming-virginity on Most Wanted and also enjoyed Undercover.

No more room in hell:
A no-name free to play steam game. Basically a objective zombie-survival game. But the possibilities to find friends and fuck around with them are endless. I lost over 1200 hours of my lifetime with that game and I dont regret a singly hour.

Outlast + DLC:
Both the base-game and the DLC are a glrorious horror-game and a must have for every horror-game-fan. Is to an certain extend replayable, but the 1st time you play it will steal your breath.
Favorite PC games and why: 9/9/2016 05:32:20

[TNW] Commander Vimes
Level 37
Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, Ashes Cricket 2009, and Tropico

Edited 9/11/2016 09:05:04
Favorite PC games and why: 9/9/2016 07:04:32

Level 51
My favorite game is minesweeper. I've got to say that outhe of all the games I've ever played, minesweeper is truly a classic. It's so fun to pass the time.

One time, I rped a character I named Yusaf. He was hired by a covert organization that had become well known as a terrorist group. This group had expressed very Facist ideals and rejected those who weren't like them. Lucky, Yusaf was like them. However, Yusaf was tricked into believing that he had a divine purpose to reach the other side of the minefield. He started running across the minefield. He believed in all his heart that the bad guys were the ones who planted the mines. But when Yusaf stepped on a mine and blew up, he realized the bad guys were really the good guys trying to liberate him with little happy explosions. Yusaf didn't survive.

10/10 would rp in minesweeper again.
Favorite PC games and why: 9/9/2016 10:35:25

Bactrian Emperor
Level 13
Tropico, EU4, Victoria 2, Rimworld, and Overwatch
Favorite PC games and why: 9/9/2016 10:51:04

Lolicon love
Level 56
^great taste but vicky 2 ruins it.

Edited 9/9/2016 10:53:51
Favorite PC games and why: 9/9/2016 10:53:16

Level 54
Verdun, EU4, HOI4, Garry's Mod, Red Orchestra 2
Favorite PC games and why: 9/9/2016 21:51:01

Bactrian Emperor
Level 13
vicky 2 ruins it.


1. The music is amazing.
2. It's fun to puppet everyone you hate
3. colonize all the things!
4. Remove Kebab
Favorite PC games and why: 9/9/2016 21:56:00

Lolicon love
Level 56
that's why EU4 exists.
Favorite PC games and why: 9/11/2016 09:04:27

[TNW] Commander Vimes
Level 37
Great taste, Landsknecht! Tropico is ebigzzzz!
Favorite PC games and why: 9/12/2016 19:02:21

Level 59

Usually greens are cool with me; high carbon, fuel, car, and plane taxes provide me badly needed money to pay US debt without touching too much the other taxes and has a great consequence of making the greens cool with me. I just add a few unexpensive pro-environement policies and they become a huge electoral base to me.

It's harder to make the capitalists like me, because of tax raises and after it a major growth of medical/education expenditure as soon as the debt is paid, but they finish loving me at the end as great productivity, quality workers and good life quality boosts the GDP and their opinion of me stays at 40-50 percent.

Liberals are hard especially in the early game, because one you don't want to choose them over religious and conservatives with policies that they want implemented and as to pay the debt I often avoid spending huge loads of money in non-essential policies. As the game advance, you can shift some policies such as evolution/creationism, drug laws (after having a working health system ofc), security, gay marriage, and others towards a more liberal-friendly side; compensate with conservative/religious with marriage tax allowance, subsidized church schools, strong immigration control (use the policy that only allows qualified immigrants in), military service and some other policies that liberals don't hate.

At the end of my second term capitalists should be at 40% or so likeability, liberals at some 30% and conservative/religious over 60%. All of the rest love me and I often win reelection with 90 percent scores; once I even did 99%+. The opposition had just a few tens of thousand votes lol
Favorite PC games and why: 9/14/2016 06:29:00

[WOLF] The Conservative
Level 56
The business grants, technology grants, and all tax breaks should give capitalists at least a little bit of happiness but it doesn't, which is bullshit. And why the heck are capitalists never affected by half the polices in the game? And when they are, it's either very negative or slightly positive.

It's funny I actually have the same policy strategy with America. Make nice with greens, kiss up to Conservatives and try my best with everybody else. I'm still experimenting with ways to eliminate the Conservative voting group before I'm up for reelection XD

Edited 9/14/2016 06:29:46
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