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Congrats Belgian!: 9/5/2016 15:37:58

Cheesus Crust
Level 23
You finally got your diplo map published.

Now I've got to spam levels to play it.
Congrats Belgian!: 9/5/2016 15:53:43

Level 51
aaaah, another huge-r diplo map to be abused.

congrats belgian.
Congrats Belgian!: 9/5/2016 15:58:50

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 58
I came when i saw the map published, no joke!
Congrats Belgian!: 9/5/2016 16:17:57

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Thanks everybody! It has been 2.5 years and now it finally is there! Talking about patience... 10 development threads of this map have been posted on the map-development forum during time, 1 uservoice petition gathered 93 votes and around 49 svgs were saved on my pc in attempt to reduce the svg capacity of this map from 3.5MB to less than 2MB. After all the massive support I got was incredible. It was certainly worth the effort. I love you all!
Congrats Belgian!: 9/5/2016 16:23:49

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 38
Here's a shekel for your hard work
Congrats Belgian!: 9/5/2016 19:22:36

Level 56
first diplo on this map dropping soon ;)
Congrats Belgian!: 9/5/2016 19:39:05

Level 60
Now I'll refuse every game on Issander's huge world and follow up with "n o l o t t o"
Posts 1 - 7 of 7