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Up/Down vote Features- flaws and it's results: 9/5/2016 09:01:38

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
Although the upvote down vote feature is helping a lot in the removal of threads, and it seems so.

However it seems that people will down vote every thread without a valid reason.
And another bunch of people will down vote just because "that person" made that post or thread.

However those two phrases break 2 rules of the feature
-Not to let your prejudices judge your opinion on the matter
-People who abuse voting will have their powers revoked.

As of now, no one has their powers revoked.

Imho, I think their should be a reasoning feature.
It isn't for liking stuff, the rreason is simple- I like the thread, or x thread is beneficial.

However for disliking a thread needs valid reasons for it to be DISLIKED.
Like the report option, it should have legitimate causes to be DISLIKED, such as

-Showing offensive pictures
-OT in the topic
-Hurtful to me or others.

Then a moderator will see all of them and will have the final say. The reason why they read these is so there can't be any report spam.

Also to not, why not add appeal- threads, get hidden, has good and useful information. Why not appeal the thread to a moderator and wait for their decision by a notification.

I'm going to advertise my game here, if you want ignore this, I don't mind.

Up/Down vote Features- flaws and it's results: 9/5/2016 13:03:18

Level 56
If you had to give a reason every time you disliked a thread along with the fact it required immediate moderation as well, nobody would bother doing it because it would be too much trouble, and the system would become useless.

A trend I'v noticed though is pretty much everything in the OT forum is getting thumbs downed.

Edited 9/5/2016 13:04:15
Up/Down vote Features- flaws and it's results: 9/5/2016 15:04:35

Level 51
^ this

tbh I haven't seen any actual "good" topic downvoted just because of it's poster; most of Anonym's and Karl's posts are downvoted not because it's theirs but because they are useless.

I mean, I can list 99 stuff that OT could care less; but "how do you like your coffee"-type threads just take the cake.
Up/Down vote Features- flaws and it's results: 9/5/2016 15:08:03

Level 56
i hate it, look at the OT forums. I mean some of them were dumb. but still good. the longest forum ever has been downvoted. i urge fizzer to change this. maybe only moderaters can downvote.
Up/Down vote Features- flaws and it's results: 9/5/2016 15:50:57

Level 51
^such constructive criticism, much degenerate.

(to Karl's downvoted post)
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