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Race to the Middle: 8/30/2016 00:59:36

Level 11
Ok, so I love this game. A lot.
But I can't get past Race to the Middle.
Someone else posted about this exact same map, saying "you just work your way around it and then when you have enough you go for the middle."
I just can't get to that point... Having a guy with 20 armies clear out my bases one by one is really quite depressing.
Anyone who can post a youtube video or show me a play by play of how to do it would be nice.
As it is, I'll never get past this level and it's quite depressing that it's a required level.
Race to the Middle: 8/30/2016 03:13:32

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
The name explains it all. You literally race for the middle. Take your opening bonus them build a stack and move to the middle. Break into it and then take it over next turn (or two) then hold at all costs). Ignore all other bonuses until the center is secured.
Race to the Middle: 8/30/2016 04:11:00

M. Poireau
Level 55
Richard's got it! ;)

Good luck!
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