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The Maps section is a mess: 8/28/2016 15:23:41

Level 56
There are thousands of maps, and imo part of the reason so many are never played is because its too hard to find them. They get buried into page 12, old players forget they exist and new players don't know they exist.

There should be a search feature. I guess right now you could display all and control F, but it doesn't sound too hard to implement.

Also you could further categorize maps maybe, some geographies are clearly more popular. You could divide into sections like Europe, Game of Thrones, World, and maybe even particular countries...

Now I can just scroll through map types, find a particular geography I'm interested in and view the relevant maps, avoiding the clutter.

Just a thought.

Edited 8/28/2016 15:28:14
The Maps section is a mess: 8/28/2016 15:55:31

Level 59
I agree with Pulsey. The map section is just a mess. Maybe find some volunteers to divide those maps into more specific categories, and ask mapmakers to include new maps into their sections; the hole thing being supervized by moderators that will confirm that a map belongs to the categories it has been put into.
The Maps section is a mess: 8/28/2016 16:01:17

Level 57
Indeed, there is a problem with maps.... also there could be info added about map sizes so that one would not have to manually check each map in order to find its size (number of territories) - in fact maps could be divided into a few categories based on that property:
1) tiny (<50 territories)
2) small (50-150)
3) medium (150 -400)
5) big (400-800)
6) large (800-1500)
7) huge (1500-3200)

Besides - I'd add a 2nd rating for every map based only on ratings given by WL members - I think that number would be much more reliable and accurate (since it wuld for instance reduce the ratings given by alts). It would not have to replace the old one, instead it could serve as alternative source of info.Additionally that way Fizzer would honour members and thier finacial participation and perhaps also encourage more people into buying memberschips.

Also I'd be glad if Fizzer implemented new option so that after playing a map that I havent rated yet, there would be an option to rate it already on summary charts wchi pop-up at the game end/summary (that way many more maps would be rated as people often forget to do that)....
The Maps section is a mess: 8/28/2016 16:10:10

Level 56
completely agree
The Maps section is a mess: 8/28/2016 16:39:10

Level 57
This sounds like a good idea. Other fixes are not on the immediate road map as not very many players use them (clans, mail).
But, almost every warlighter uses maps!
1,650 maps would be a lot of work to categorize, but if an effort was made by multiple people, it could probably be done quite quickly.
The Maps section is a mess: 8/28/2016 17:52:46

Level 62
I'd gladly volunteer , though I'm sure I'd be disqualified since I have made maps.

Most maps get their 10+ratings and disappear into page 12 like you said, never to be played again.

Apart of it is unoriginality, there's alot of maps that look the same, or are just plain ugly. Map makers that don't put in the effort will have their map sit there unplayed.

Ironically this makes it pretty easy to stand out. Even if you're not superbly artistic you can still make it look pretty. Add some color, make the background not empty black. And for God's sake CLEAN BORDERS, it's not hard!

The other thing is that no one really advertises their maps. Host open games on your map, you dont have to play in them. I used to host rt 2v2s or 4ffas with full empty seats all the time. It got my maps more traction and more ratings.

I agree that there should be categories by size but also by type. Remember, warlight knows if a map is a lotto map. Whether or not there's software that recognizes it based off connections between territories or just fizzer labels it internally as one when he publishes it. There's a list somewhere internally of lotto maps, I don't see why there can't be more type lists. In the straw poll thread I made the other day I had types listed there. Something similar to those types would be fine.
The Maps section is a mess: 8/28/2016 18:28:10

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
I would gladly volunteer.
I personally try to play my every new game on a different map. When I complete it, I rate. I have got less than 600 maps to rate at the moment. To find a particular map is a challenge, especially if you don't know its name.
The Maps section is a mess: 8/28/2016 19:15:58

Level 62
You could decide the maps size (eg tiny, small) automatically, as long as the number of territories the map had an id.
Edit: you could work out map size using something like:
<!DOCTYPE html>
territories {width:"100px";}
function mapsize() {
	var territories = document.getElementById("territories");
	if (territories <50) {("Tiny")};
	else if (territories <150) {"Small"};
	else if (territories <400) {("Medium")};
	else if (territories<800) {("Big")};
	else if (territories<1500) {("Large")};
	else if (territories<3200) {("Huge")};
	else {"Gigantic"};
document.getElementById("size").innerHTML = territories;
<button onclick="mapsize()">Find out map size</button>
<p id="size">Number of territories: <textarea id="territories"></textarea></p>

Note: straight copy and pasting this doesn't quite work :(

Edited 8/28/2016 20:52:05
The Maps section is a mess: 8/28/2016 19:38:58

Level 68
For a start all of sir nicks maps could be deleted, they're near pointless.
The Maps section is a mess: 8/28/2016 19:57:10

Level 60
Also there should be a requirement that all maps must have 9* or more territories. That would get rid of 31 maps, all of which are rated below 3.2. You should also delete all maps by:

some of skunk490s
some of 1416
sir nick
The Maps section is a mess: 8/28/2016 20:26:28

Level 57
first of all take in mind that SOMEBODY must have had authorized them for public release...
The Maps section is a mess: 8/29/2016 03:17:38

Level 62
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