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open games query: 8/24/2016 17:17:31

Master Ryiro 
Level 62
i was wondering why these days no one joins or makes any standard teamgame templates
i mean most of the team game templates i see in open games are auto distribution(which i personally dislike) but i wanted to know what you guys like and why is it most players prefer to join/create auto pick templates over manual picks

also i just made a normal EU 3v3 template,which few months ago used to get filled in 5/10 mins(low prerequisits) but the same is taking forever to fill now a days
is it that only the old community liked this template and its now obsolete?

Edit:corrected some autocorrect errors

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open games query: 8/24/2016 17:41:29

Level 58

I also thought about why those 3v3 Eu games with 50% prerequisites fill very slow despite a ton of players meeting those prerequisites. The best reason I could come up with is that people feel intimidated. Or in other words they play rather "trashy" games than risking getting told-off by more serious teammates. Even as i named my open seat Wunderwaffe AI matches something like "1v1 ladder settings", it filled considerably slower as when I named it "Human vs AI".

Well, that doesn't explain of course if you saw those games filled faster in the past but with my experience those games also filled slow in the past.

Edit: Or in other words: Only a very small part of the players wants the most challenging games possible, most guys prefer winning some trash games instead.

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open games query: 8/24/2016 17:43:13

master of desaster 
Level 65
Nowadays i never check open games. I check the tournaments i get an invite to as well as coingames sometimes.

Before, there were as you say, sometimes good strategic games open. 1vs1 as well as 2vs2. But imo open games turned even more in a playground for casual players, who don't care about winning and just play to relax and waste some time.

I fear, that most players never find the strategic part of the game, cause they never have the experience to play against a good player on a strategic template. Warlight has a lot to offer but open games show only so little aspects of that
open games query: 8/24/2016 18:14:27

Level 61
Fissel will never be Fizzer.

Your loved map, anonym, has to be fixed. At least Bulgaria in it, as the territories are so wrong.

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open games query: 8/24/2016 18:19:47

Severus Snape
Level 56
I host many games with Siege of Feldmere map-very good for 4 vs 4 team games.

There are some filters, but they're not very strict.
Only a very few join and for a game of 15 turns or so happening in 30 mins or so we need to wait for 30 mins. And then there are some players who make it to end in vote, as they leave after joining the game or surrender soon or pick wrongly.
open games query: 8/26/2016 20:48:04

Level 61
Open 3v3 EU game if anyone is interested


Edit: it didn't fill :(

Edited 8/26/2016 21:41:27
open games query: 8/26/2016 23:57:52

Green Turtle 
Level 62
I play open games for fun. For strategic team play I do it on ladders.

I like Auto-spawn because it removes our burden of coordination on picks. Coordination on picks could be very unpleasant if communication goes wrong.

Even with considerate, cooperative, good-negotiator teammates, picking stage could be very painful. I once spent 25 minutes in a very "knowledgeable" discussion on picks in a EU 3v3 RT game with manual warlord distribution. Admittedly, our discussion was vital to our victory in that game. However, it was so exhausting that I hesitate to join such a template again.
open games query: 8/27/2016 00:28:20

Level 61
Yeah I figured that it might be a little stressful but discussions like that is what I am seeking in open team games. Right now my picking on Europe is rather mediocre and I wish to understand how better players approach it.
open games query: 8/27/2016 02:40:59

Level 56
It's a map where I used to play a lot of team games in.

is that why you plagiarized it?
open games query: 8/27/2016 02:52:12

Level 57
I think there's really two communities here, those who use open games and those who don't. I personally don't use open games anymore, as I prefer not inflating my winrate with open games, as I ended up winning a significantly larger number of open games than non-open games, and I personally prefer competing against more difficult competition. There's also the fact that non-strat games that are open are pretty toxic, so just for my sanity or at least what's left of it, I avoid open games.
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