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What Happened?: 8/23/2016 19:43:42

Level 43
Uh, hai guys, well first of all I want to discuss something about the games and stuff..

Real-Time Games are only for small groups of people and there's no diplomacies at all, Multi Day is the only place where you can find good games but still, it takes a lot of time to get players.

Just asking, what happened to the good ol' days when there was atleast 5-10 diplos in the real time games? like what happened? I really miss them.. if this kind of thread already exists then please excuse me :3

I miss diplos :(
What Happened?: 8/23/2016 19:55:17

Level 60
I still see them, 3 right now with diplo in the title infact. (a few more diplos, although not stated diplo in the game name)

Perhpahs you don't meet prereq? It is quite commen to require less then 20% boot on RT diplos. You have "This player has been booted 108 times (21.9%) " If that recently went up, then that is why.

Edited 8/23/2016 19:57:10
What Happened?: 8/23/2016 20:12:39

Level 60
Nowadays good diplo players leave for invite-only MD games and join diplo clans to avoid trolls and bad players.
Too bad because to me it's unplayable in MD but what can you do. :p

Edited 8/23/2016 20:13:30
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