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2v2 Ladder: 8/17/2016 07:18:07

Level 56
Looking to join 2v2 ladder in near future. May do so with an alt if necessary, but I'd prefer to play with an actual teammate. Had recently joined it with Summer, but she appears to have gone AWOL.

Am hoping to get at least 2000+ rating with a partner, if your expectations are more like 1500-1700 rating or even lower, no offense, but I'd rather just play on the ladder with an alt in that scenario as I'm fairly confident I can get 1850-1950+ solo.

Edited 8/17/2016 07:21:29
2v2 Ladder: 8/26/2016 02:39:11

Master Turtle 
Level 61
How about in a week or 2 once school starts?
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