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apology for poor english: 8/13/2016 21:13:57

Level 58

apology for poor english

when were you when 101rd dies?

i was sat at home golping venereal blod when platatoe skipe

‘101rd is kill’


Edited 8/13/2016 21:17:02
apology for poor english: 8/13/2016 21:18:05

Level 58

when the 101st.. die i was still leading CORp motibating players striking energy
throughout my topmost elite clan corp
with strong diplomacy sector too
i advise you to join corp if you want top improvement training and other
things to help you improve develop adapt to surroundings
get elite like us in corp today
so come on be recruited to us you are a great player
thanks bro :-)
apology for poor english: 8/13/2016 21:20:44

Level 58
Yes.. When 101st Clan (best Clan) died, You know I was there..

So Your asumming that i contacted you on skype, Yes I did, But their is more too it..

More then you think, Honestly, It is hard to explain exactly what went thru My head, When 101st got abandond, By Me and rest of new Outlaws (new Best Clan other than Better ones)

I could explain but my people, There all hungry for Talent and Improvement, must Explain to them to improve with my (not-Plagiarised) guides.

Thanks =)
apology for poor english: 8/13/2016 21:20:52

Lolicon love
Level 56
We got some nice *wink* stuff in our clan.
apology for poor english: 8/13/2016 21:21:16

Level 58
Wow! :O

Thank for sharing you're storys guys :D
Really helps me to improve as a player...
and Increase my motivation on WarLight :D

Thanks! :)
apology for poor english: 8/13/2016 21:22:59

Level 58
Wow...... Ox I used to respect you but now dexterity has worn to a high level on your self and you were beaten by me on aesthetical floating rocks map so I pronounce you guilty of ALLAH sin and stuck dead infidel by ALLAH THE SAVIOUR so you no longer are considered worthy and deemd to ALLAH with your low levels of strategicalness.........

Rate my map 55out 5
apology for poor english: 8/13/2016 21:23:41

Lolicon love
Level 56
And remember masterbation is like brushing yor teeth, you should do it twice a day to stay healthy.
apology for poor english: 8/13/2016 22:54:19

Level 55
Kno₩ingness a₩esoナe
ナhanK for 「 Kno₩ 」
from am oナナer、BUddナ、mengLand iナs goodesナ。i goodnessnesナ is ナナe me。
is ナナe sadness from・me coming
ナナing sUcナ ナo ナear
in gogoforgoナ ₩as ナime・in
ナoo forgoナ i、「 101rd 」 * raナs ナoo fasナ for o me [ no gods ]
ナUeday Kno₩es i
am going ₩as、ナENCE、₩as・Been inナo LaKes
eLK ナo fisナing、NO、mmm・and fasナ
ナENCE 「 eaナing 」 fLesナ mine
[ LiUs sLaU i [ ナナe :LiUs ] ]
ナナanK・again for 「 Kno₩ 」
₩ナen ナeLLs says good good 「 OxTheAutist 」
「 sad 」
[ no gods ]

Edited 8/13/2016 23:14:16
apology for poor english: 8/13/2016 23:02:41

Level 60
Co to kurwa jest?
apology for poor english: 8/14/2016 12:36:17

Level 58
blacklisted you are hopeless

lvl me https://diep.io put your money where your mouth is
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