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Card Idea: Illusion Card: 8/4/2016 14:08:25

Level 49
I had an idea though I don't know how well it would work or if it could be programmed into the current system.

The idea is another playable Card like Reinforcement, Bomb or Spy Cards currently in use.


1. Creates an illusory army of up to (?) troops which you may then move but you may not attack with.

2. If the illusory army is attacked, it dissipates, doing no defensive damage to the attacker.

3. The illusory army is one stack and cannot be split, though it can be moved.

Any ideas or improvements/suggestions are welcome as I just thought of the idea and have no clue if it is something Fizzer would even consider adding.

Some ideas for number of troops you could create with the Illusion Card:

1. Up to 100% value of total map value (all bonuses)
2. Up to xxx% value of your total income
3. Up to xxx% value of your current largest stack

This of course could be customized by the scenario creator, much like the Reinforcement or Blockade Cards are now.
Card Idea: Illusion Card: 8/4/2016 14:37:45

Level 57
Don't like this idea,i think it sucks....sorry just my opinion
Card Idea: Illusion Card: 8/4/2016 15:24:19

Level 53
I kinda like it actually
Card Idea: Illusion Card: 8/4/2016 15:44:06

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Intriguing concept but I could see it being too unwieldy/messy to be worth implementing. For instance:

How long do these phantom armies remain on the board? All game is too long but armies just disappearing would also be strange.

How does the controller of the phantom armies know they are phantom? And differentiate between real and phantom? Would need to significantly alter the interface to display a different set of numbers that are possibly a different color. Many territories already struggle to display three digit numbers so trying to have two sets of numbers would be near impossible.

The card also has the potential to be misused... allowing for one to be received every turn would turn the game into a debacle. You'd just have to outright guess what defense was real and what was not.
Card Idea: Illusion Card: 8/5/2016 08:22:43

Level 44
richard, they could be treated like commander and boss.. would just need to show icon for player, and numbers for opponents.
illusion is a bad name though. this isn't a fantasy game at it's core, it's a warfare game that is open to be usable in multiple situations. something more militaristic.. diversion, decoy, feint, etc.

I like the idea, although I think the visibility issue might be a bit difficult to implement, and dissuade fizzer from putting it in place too quickly.
Card Idea: Illusion Card: 8/5/2016 10:51:49

Level 62
If you want this to have a chance of being added, post it on Uservoice - http://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warlight-features.

This feature might be a bit confusing for new players to pick up on, so it would have to unlock at a very high level or membership. Unfortunately, this could mean that it won't be added at all.

Edited 8/5/2016 13:52:48
Card Idea: Illusion Card: 8/5/2016 11:00:53

Level 59
a little change to this idea could be a "fog card", giving fog to a terrie for a round or two ...
Card Idea: Illusion Card: 8/5/2016 12:29:46

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Naglfar, your idea is vastly different than what is being proposed by the OP.

Perrin, you have a point about the commander, though using that would somewhat require the decoys being a set value for the match or else it would become to messy. Decoy does make more sense than illusion as a name... or somehow name it after Operation Fortitude or Operation Quicksilver.
Card Idea: Illusion Card: 8/5/2016 14:44:28

Level 44
not necessarily, they have a boss that shows it's value by it's icon.
the decoy would just use that basis in creation.
then the card could be akin to an airlift card in creation with a box letting you choose the value you want, between 0 and the determined maximum, which could be any number of things, based on how much fizzer wants to implement.
a fog card could be interesting, and could also have a reversed affect.. like, the creator decides what fog to start with, and what fog the card will change the territory(ies) to.. could use it to conceal motion for a couple of turns using it as a complete fog.. or even have an increased fog base, and use the fog card to create a reduced fog amount, making it light or even no fog.
it could add in alot of possibilities for unique maps.. but it's abuse potential will probably make it less likely to be implemented Imho *akin to negative sanctions*
Card Idea: Illusion Card: 8/5/2016 15:18:30

Level 59
I love it. For art, it could show the backside of a trench, with one soldier grinning and putting a bunch of helmets on sticks just peeking over the top.
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