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World war 2320??: 8/3/2016 21:42:13

Level 18
I cant beat this level. I know its possible, ive seen videos of the boss going to hawaii, but every time he rushes to new york and destroys me, I try to capture behind him, but eventually he plops down a size ten territory, that even with my reinforce cards its hard to kill. Then because i spent so much clearing the ten, he invades alaska and destroys me. How do you do this???????????????????????
World war 2320??: 8/3/2016 22:07:42

Level 62
i strongly suggest fizzer move this to higher level (since ive seen alot of 'impossible message' on the review page haha
World war 2320??: 8/3/2016 22:30:11

Level 51
don't focus on fighting the boss, just focus on rapid expansion and containing the bosses armies, thats the best advice I have. Also I noticed he leaves most spaces unguarded, and you can kind of guide him to where you want him to go. Theres another thread somewhere with more advice, I'll look for it.

Edit: found it www.warlight.net/Forum/154835-having-trouble-world-war-2320-boss

Edited 8/3/2016 22:45:04
World war 2320??: 8/4/2016 19:47:19

Level 62
The video was made when the level was still in beta. Changes have been make the how the AI plays the level since then. I'll make a new video for it as soon as I have time to.
World war 2320??: 8/7/2016 01:31:53

an annoyance
Level 58
the boss path is also very predictable. you save several reinforcement cards and then blockade a territory in front of him and then its easy win
World war 2320??: 8/7/2016 02:38:13

Level 44
the new AI was implemented before the current single player levels were created.

they changed several of the levels, including all the boss levels, to make them easier since release.
World war 2320??: 8/11/2016 02:15:07

Level 8
The way I got a gold star (in 19 turns) went like this:

- As lunchboy360 said above, focus on rapid expansion. Remember that it only takes 3 armies to kill 2. Target bonuses when conquering every surrounding neutral territory is not achievable.

- Ignore the fact that the boss is in the Rio Grande territory - your main goal is to contain the boss. Remember that the boss (excluding generated armies) can only move to one space at a time. To contain expansion, simply place at least one army in surrounding territories and set them to attack the boss, and more if armies are generated. On that note, to prevent the boss from creating actual armies, wipe out pockets of resistance that will most likely be situated in Central America. Once you have decimated all other armies around the globe, flood armies around the boss and use your Emergency Blockade cards to wipe out the enemy. Good luck!
World war 2320??: 8/11/2016 07:00:03

Level 59
It's really pretty easy to beat, took a couple tries to get the star, though.

Basically, ignore the boss, just surround him with 1-2 armies in each territory bordering him and attack at the end. Expand everywhere. Hit vital places with 6, most places with either 1 or 3. The AI has very little income and you can roll through them with only a momentary bit of resistance in the west. Quantity over quality. The boss itself is irrelevant as a threat, but make any side stacks it drops a priority (first turn hit with enough power to eliminate, always). He'll only be breaking one or two bonuses. Never heard of the boss going to Hawaii, don't need that to get a gold star.

If you want a star the goal is cornering him, ideally with 2-3 locations which he can travel to. If you can manage that, you can obliterate him with the help of the emergency blockade cards (keep them until he positions himself in a vulnerable way). Otherwise you just have to chase him down and hammer away, starting around when you break 60 income. Turn 17 is quite doable, even if you cannot get him with the emergency blockades. As for the other AI, just keep ripping them apart with 1-6 stacks to every bordering country and you'll have no issue (may need a few 16 stacks if they build up a small force in a specific spot).

You have all the income and they're just AI. Be aggressive and you easily win. Boss control, expansion, elimination, victory.
World war 2320??: 8/15/2016 20:51:23

Level 19
Thanks for the help! I was having a hard time with this level as well. Could a video be posted, please? I would definitely like to visually see how to beat this level.
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