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Suggestion- Locking templates: 7/22/2016 01:25:00

Level 52
So I've had an issue with a certain player *cough* ThomasV *cough* stealing and using my popular diplomacy template, then rigging it so he starts with 3 times more income than everyone else and has 20k troops at the start. He also didn't include my name in the title or description like I believe I had in the original description, but he proceeded to delete that part. After joining the game and confronting him about it telling him I would report him, he told me this: http://puu.sh/q9Lmh/8017f8638b.png (idk how to make the image appear so that the best I can do)
Anyway that was off-topic (and yes, I intended to "shame" him)
My suggestion is that Fizzer adds a feature that allows us to either
1: Pick and choose who is allowed to copy/use your template (also able to select an "Open Mode" where everyone can use it
or 2: Lock the template completely so nobody is allowed to duplicate games.
I haven't used the forums much so I don't know if we are supposed to post suggestions, but I was extremely aggravated by this and feel strongly that this needs to be added, thanks for your time.
Suggestion- Locking templates: 7/22/2016 01:30:19

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Nope. No point. Settings are fair game. Anyone can create a game with a given range of settings. All you'd be doing is making it a little harder on him, making him manually recreate them.

Besides, if Fizzer doesn't care about protecting the IP of map makers, why would he care about less significant templates?
Suggestion- Locking templates: 7/22/2016 01:56:30

Level 60

"I'm in a better clan than you"

>is in darklords

Reporting won't do anything. Him calling his clan to report you won't do anything either.

Taking templates is not against the ToS.

Even if he somehow makes his inactive trollfest that is the Darklords mass report you, he won't get anywhere, for you didn't break the ToS either.

If you really are irritated your only option is to ruin his game, though this'll only piss him even more and get nowhere :P That, or you can invite him to a 1v1, wreck his arse up (if need be, ask some of your clanmates for guidance, they can beat most dorklords easily), and then make fun of him. Realistically, the best you can do to him is mocking back.

Either way, the best suggestion I can give to you is NOT PLAY OPEN DIPLOMACIES. They exist to be ruined by trolls and boots, hosted by complete shmucks most of the time. Call in clanmates, friends or other clan members for your own games.
Suggestion- Locking templates: 7/22/2016 02:01:10

Level 58
+1 Zephyrum
Suggestion- Locking templates: 7/22/2016 02:18:59

[TNW] Commander Vimes
Level 37
Are there many closed diplos?
Suggestion- Locking templates: 7/24/2016 19:07:42

Level 52
I have nothing against Darklords, just him.
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