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AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/18/2016 10:48:22

Level 55

first of all an announcement: I closed the Dr. Walter Ego alt account, and reactivate my main account. So from now, I will carry on the AWP things with this account.

Well, the "warm up phase" of the AWP World Tour ended, the first major event is coming!

It will be a Grand Slam, one of the four biggest events on the Tour.

The biggest phrase here not only means the biggest tourney field (btw I am really wonder how this 128 players field will fill :O ), but the biggest reachable Ranking points too!
It means, you didn't miss anything if you have never played on the Tour so far, because if you win this first major event, you will (likely) reach the first position immediately in the Ranking List too, because the 2000 points of the winner (the present number one has got only 390 points).

So give a chance, join and feel the fun factor of the Tour ;-)

This is the seventh AWP World Tour event.
This tournament is the part of the AWP World Tour.
The template of this tourney will be the old 1v1 ladder settings:

It is a Grand Slam event, so will be 128 participants!

I will create this tournament and send the invitations at 10:00 CET on this Wednesday!

I will still use the irregular invitation method, what means I will invite everybody who was invited to the previous event (here you can check the invite list: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=19737).

If you are not in the invite list above (or even not sure :) ) but would like to play then you can request Wild Card with a post here (or PM).
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/18/2016 11:56:11

Level 61
Old 1v1 ladder? This one I wouldn't wish to miss, give me a Wild Card!
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/18/2016 12:24:32

Level 56
There was a similar idea with a similar name long long long time ago, in fact they called it WPA, you can look at it for ideas, if you haven't already.
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/18/2016 13:32:08

Level 55
@Verzehrer: you are in my invite list, so you will be invited for sure.
And welcome another good veteran on the Tour (hoping that you will join not only to this event)

Very interesting link Pulsey, thx!
Do you have any events' link too? As I see the forum topic abandoned after 3 days :(

And I hope that you will join to the Tour too :D (you are in my invite list too)
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/18/2016 14:06:04

{rp} GeneralGror
Level 58
I'll play :)
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/20/2016 08:05:53

Level 55
Tournament created, invitations sent.

GL&HF :)
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/20/2016 16:37:15

Great Expanse 
Level 59
What is this AWP? I got an invite to the ME WR tournament and I joined, but I don't know thr purpose of these tournaments. I saw someone mention points?
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/21/2016 07:50:34

Level 55
Hey Great Expanse, how can you find this topic? :O

I mean, I put many links into the tournament invitation (you can find it in your invitation mail or the "Message from host:" area in the tournament settings), but this link wasn't put :D
And those links are in this topic too (in the quoted part of my first post).

If they are too TLDR, then I can answer to your short questions here too.
Later, when I will have more time, I will construct a FAQ for AWP World Tour, maybe will help.

Btw, this is a "neverending" tournament series, very similar than the ATP World Tour in the tennis.
Tennis links:

Edited 7/21/2016 07:52:59
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/28/2016 20:10:26

Level 58
Right boitches, it's time to see what the bookies think of this tournament. Huge heavyweight thing and i'll be making 10/10 predictions for the winner!

In these first matchups I think I think it's a safe bet to assume Oh will go to round 3, but I'm more shaky on Dom. Dom/Don fight will be interesting.

In the top 2 and the 2nd round game here I think the results are somewhat obvious. However, I'm predicting some upsets. I'm guessing that Andersault will slip up against Rodolfo and allow him to go on for another round, and Quicksand will be outplayed by FlyingBender, which will allow FB to get his strongest matchup for the next few rounds out of the way.

I see BIA making 2 successful upsets in the first round, and Legi+rakleader to go through to the third round against each other.

I wasn't exactly being nice to Hydra so far, and I will continue to not be (prove me wrong, guys! :D) - However, I'm expecting my awfully butchered spelling of Christopher's name to storm through, and even beat Onoma (it isn't a coin tournament, after all), and Turkish to successfully remove Bohemia by defeating Mirror 2nd round. Overall, a really heavy 8 players, though! Not a weak link to be seen.

This next one really reeks of bias. I totally don't want DanWales and Platinub to lose, and I totally don't favour Monkey Might and Semendevine o.O What are you talking about?!

My bias aside, I'm expecting some upsets here... or maybe it's all bias. Anyway, I'm expecting round 2 to have 2 boots: Nackickwind will stall past 2 days 23 hours 59 minutes, and Semice will get booted from 250 games at 1 time, causing mm and CONQ to proceed.

Firstly I'm expecting Bristolians Buns157 and dry-clean-only to make it past the first round, but unless a huge upset happens, I don't see dryclean beating Buns; I expect if he cares enough, he'll go far. Also predicting that DemHunt, who defeated THE KING OF KINGS, will have a win over Pedro, and that new recruits to WG, almost and smiley, will battle it out and end up with almosttricky making it to the third round.

Wow, talk about heavyweights! Summer's back, but not in her prime again, at least yet. I expect to see her go far. KKND vs culpa will be tough to call, but I think KKND will come out on top. Timinator and timon92 are almost guaranteed, and if 1 loses in the P/R league, here is the chance for redemption! I think timon, with the power of Poland will win both matches actually, but it's really hard to call. All I guess is that it will be a stall-a-thon for sure, and whoever wins, will probably be up against Summer next O_O

Another tough one! They keep coming. GreenTea and Verze both have tough first rounds, but if they end up fighting, it'll be a big highlight. I'm expecting Verze to pull through, to supplement his latest ladder run and go against his weaker performance in CL. In Verzehrer we trust. Below, Arkanton is using his alt ANT, and my guess is that he'll go to the third round as well o_x

Hmm, I have no clue what is going on in these matchups. I think this will happen, but most matches can go either way O_o

Really dense cluster of former and current VIW players, as well as Lynx guys. I know, I cheated because I was late with Hades and stuff ;_; (1 more game like this down the line). However I would've predicted this one anyway, luckily. I'm expecting AWOL to beat tommy, which I guess is an upset!

Markus will win 1st round. Another win for Oxidae. Markus will win 2nd round. Another win for Oxidae. I feel like Polakillo won't be able to beat Nox, and the guy from the Brazilian Poon Squad clan will be topped by an AHoL veteran.

I would *not* have expected HBB to drop his round 1 game. Regardless, I'm expecting ps to drop out and let Panagiotis take victory (#1stRoundLosses). Also expecting QB to retire but replace himself just in time to go ahead. Then, expecting JV to be in a winning position by round 3, and wait until he wins by default. Ultimately, I see the 2 Masters of these 8 having a faceoff at round 3.

I see Chromeo and The S<span class='burning'>hot</span>s facing it off at Round 2, with Chromeo going on to face 13CHRIS37. Not much to say.

More heavyweights! While overall Kantos probably has more skill than linberson, I feel like linberson is more motivated and active to take it over a rusty Kantos in round 1. I see linberson making a good impression on this tourney. Even my bias for Rikku can't place him above USA Biches, and I expect USA Biches to eliminate Muten Roshi 2nd round, due to Muten's overall weaker performance in other AWP tourneys (he got eliminated by Onoma94 :O)

If there's something I can rely on, it absolutely is my own nubbiness to ensure that I get at least 1 of these predictions correct. I'm expecting a slightly overrated EZPickens to drop his 1st game, and for Rob to storm the lower half, despite how much I butcher his name ;)

Finally, we see another concentration of strong players. Expecting Ven to have an upset victory over Oh Noes. Seeing MoD and MIFRAN to make it to the 3rd round, which I'm sure will be a highlight of the Grand Slam. Overall I expect to see MoD go very far, if he doesn't make a stupid mistake, or if Dr Walter Ego hasn't rigged the competition against him...



Ok now how many people actually read this? hehehehe :3 idk if I should do a 3rd round + beyond thingy but if more than 1 person actually enjoyed my gunk then mmmaybe. idek.

Edited 7/28/2016 20:12:40
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/28/2016 20:26:48

Level 55
OMG Ox, this is very cool prediction post!
I planned to do one, but that would not have been such amazing :O (because my poor English and I cannot insert pictures).

So now I only have to read yours and write if I don't agree some of them, thx to save time for me :D

But first the organizers work (createing new event, update google docs, etc.) and only after the fun (fortunatelly this work is still fun for me also :D )
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/28/2016 21:27:10

Level 61
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/28/2016 21:30:52

Level 55
You simple declined it, and this is why I didn't send you a reminder mail neither :O
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/28/2016 22:37:08

Level 63
yeah, finish those predictions ox.

lol at jeff
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/29/2016 17:05:21

Level 58

Oh Oh Oh, kay. I think Oh can beat Dom if he tries; how much Oh tries though is dependent on whether or not he's busy shitposting song lyrics into chats. I see FB getting quite an easy win over Turtle, and then winning out over Oh in the Round of 16.

If Legi's not drunk, he can get a win over rakleader I think, and Krzychu has a slight edge over Turkish probably. Krzychu or Turkish would probably stomp either Legi or rakleader, whichever would come up next to be honest.

I'm totally not being biased, but hopefully CONQUISTADORS gets drunk and is booted or something, or maybe he's too rusty :p. Buns will probably beat almosttricky, and the next guy, whoever it is.

Summer vs timon will be a big highlight, and my guess is that timon wins against another all-star, right after knocking timon out in the early rounds. Verze vs Arkanton will be tough, but Verze can keep up his run a bit longer I think. Another highlight follows, and I see timon92 knocking *yet another* heavy player out of the tourney, to meet up with Buns at the quarter finals.

I'm seeing an overall underperforming Bjarke drop his game against Bbraw, and for Hades to win out over AG. Hades will then likely beat Bbraw or Bjarke.

MarkusBM will beat Nox. Hail Dogpoo. QB will very likely beat Pana; I don't see Panagiotis with too much of a chance, but it is possible. Then in the Ma____ (2 letters) game, of MarkusBM and MasterQB, despite bias, QB will almost certainly triumpth, where he'll progress to meet Hades (or Hades will meet him, who knows who finishes faster xP)

I'm going big or going home with this one (or I guess I've already gone home, with one predict lol). I'm guessing Chromeo storms straight through into the quarter finals, beating 2 past #1s on the ladder along the way; 13CHRIS37 and and USA Biches. Now the funny thing is: one of my first round predictions is already wrong; linberson can't get to that round as Kantos has already beaten him. I'm not going to go back on my failed guess though, haha, and just guess that USA Biches beats whoevers against him anyway.

Below, I don't know who'd win between Jackie and Rob, so I took a guess. Regardless, if MoD cares he'd probably go to the quarter finals with ease, but MIFRAN wouldn't go down easily.


Firstly we have 2 Promotion/Relegation league heavyweights; Krzychu and FlyingBender. What I'm predicting is more of an upset: Krzychu has a much stronger record on the P/R league than FlyingBender, but I'm predicting FB to progress to the semi-finals, anyway.

Next, this is tough. Overall, Buns is probably a more solid, strong, and well rounded player than timon. I've also predicted timon to probably have the most impressive run in this tourney, beating out Timinator, Summer and Verze already. What do you know? I'm guessing he'll *continue* his run, because I think timon is a stronger ME WR player than Buns (this will all go down the shitter if Timi beats timon 2nd round so pleeeaase don't lose timon :p)

Thirdly, I think the ME WR official Seasonal Champ Master QB, will beat Hades. Out of the matches here, it's probably the 2nd easiest to call; the left side having more tough-to-call matches in general. Hades hasn't quite hit his peak yet, while QB has shown that at his peak he can probably win the tournament.

The easiest one to call is MoD (the unofficial ME WR Seasonal champion) v Chromeo. Even though I put a lot on Chromeo going far, unless he does something crazy, desaster will very likely beat him.

Next, P/R league rivals again. About to beat another super-strong player, I'm putting even more guesses on timon. Please don't mess up OwO

Next, I'm actually predicting the *de jure* ME WR seasonal champ to win out over the *de facto* one. Overall, MoD probably has the odds stacked in his favour, but it's hard to call. I think #QB will win :S

Finally, the finals. Who knows?

I'll just say timon for consistency.

AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/29/2016 20:05:39

Dexterous Strategist
Level 51
Great posts Ox <3
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/30/2016 00:40:54

Level 61
great post Ox - even though you raped my name several times :p
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 7/30/2016 07:17:16

Level 55
I am on holiday, so not too much time for Warlight, but some quick thoughts.

The left down bracket part is very tough :O
So if Timon (or any other players from that part) will win this first Grand Slam, well, that would be very good performance.

But there are more tough pairings in the first two rounds in other parts of the bracket too.
Actually there isn't easy part of the bracket :D
So must fight very hard for anybody if want to reach the first Grand Slam champion title.

Anyway very good posts Ox!
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/1/2016 23:19:48

Level 58

Firstly, looks like I was right with Swisster, but wrong with Dom! >:( It was close. Now I'm just hoping that Oh has a nice streak like I thought so the prediction here is saved.

Why did I say this one would be obvious? ;_; awesomeusername is commonly underrated andit seems like my head went right over him!

C'mon, HHH. Getting booted on something that isn't Clan League? Beh. Anyway, that made things significantly easier for FlyingBender, at least!

Looks like I overestimated BIA here! If rak ends up winning, prediction here is saved.

Ding, ding, ding, ding! Jackpot! Let's hope Krzychu and Turkish win, to keep up this streak ;)

Correct for Semice here, but looks like my bias made me fail in the prediction :p

VS getting curb-stomped! Predicted Summer winning, but I shouldn't have predicted DemHunt to win >_<

As expected.

And here's a surprise :O. Now I have to ride on Verze beating GreenTea, and then sweeping up here, if I want this prediction to go anywhere.

-,- well there goes all my faith in Bbraw

Aaaand awol.

Aaaaaaaaand Pana.

Ey! At least I predicted 13CHRIS37 beating... Unicum. The others i got wrong though :(


Put too much faith into LIbertine, but at least MIFRAN saved it ;)
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/1/2016 23:43:34

Level 61
These are entertaining predictions haha
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/2/2016 09:52:27

Level 61
lol. From Oxs post I found out I won :D
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/2/2016 14:07:28

Level 66
what about reducing 'Grand Slams' to (best) 64 players and making it double-elim? Unfortunately there is no seeding mechanism in warlight, so there's no way to avoid top players fighting in early rounds which is a big loss. Double-elim would reduce that factor at least a little.
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/2/2016 14:31:43

Level 63
I agree with Chu.Feel bad that I lost first round because i faced a strong opponent,whereas other players face medium strength players :(
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/3/2016 04:49:41

Level 55
Before I started this series I was thinking a lot about the single or double elimination question.
Then I choosed single elimination, because:
  • I am lazy :)
    Using single elimination the ATP World Tour point system migration was very simple (ATP events are single eliminations too). But this was only a small reason (but a reason :P) of my decision
  • When I was an active player, I didn't really like the double elimination system
    I mean, theoretically, it is clearly better than the single, because the pairing issue were mentioned by you. So using double eliminiation, if you lost one game you still have a chance to win the tourney.
    But in practice, for me, it did'nt look like above. After I lost my first game, my motivation level reduced a lot, because the "Road the Redemption" is a very hard journey.
    I don't mean the hard opponents (ok partly yes), but the twice as much needed matches for the tourney win!
    For example, using single elimination a Grand Slam title (128 players) means 7 played games, while using double elim. system, if you lost your first game but after win the tourney, that means 15 played games!
    After you loose your first game, the match number for the win is doubling for you, and the pairing issue is still exist (if you are the third best player, still chance you got the first and second best players as your first two opponents and early out)
  • Already there is a good double elimination series, the WSOW
    There were round robin and double elimination series, so I wanted to add the missing single elimination system to the palette :)
Ok, despite these, the pairing issue were mentioned by you still exists, this is why I positioned this series as a fun series in the beginning.

Btw, I made a feeble attempt to resolve this:

Ok, first step, I do a real attempt to resolve this.
I mean, I create the user voice tickets and contact Fizzer, maybe a miracle happens :)
With seeding, the issue would been solved. With best of X tournaments and BYES possibilities the Tour system would be perfect :D

If the miracle won't happen, and Fizzer's immediate roadmap will be unbreakable, then we must to make a decision: stay the single or change to double elimination system.

In case of double elminiation system, would be the best if we can merge somehow the WSOW and the AWP World Tour (for example WSOW events can be the major events of AWP World Tour, or I dunno)
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/3/2016 08:47:53

Level 55
Ok, I created the uservoice idea about the seeded private tournament:

Vote please if you like it ;)
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/3/2016 09:46:49

Level 55
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/3/2016 15:17:15

Level 61
I gave 3 votes each to the swiss system tournaments and seeded private tournaments.

In the principle of simplicity I would say Fizzer would be more attracted to making the swiss system tournaments rather than the private seeded tournaments IMO.

I would be happy if one of these nice ideas got implemented =)
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/4/2016 19:17:48

Level 61
Screw you Ox and your lousy predictions!
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/5/2016 03:52:10

Level 55
Hehe, revenge of an exiled :D

Btw, congrats for your win on Verzehrer!
But I can't say that the hardest is already behind you, because your bracket part is damned tough :O

@Plat: thx

Edited 8/5/2016 03:52:54
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/5/2016 15:52:59

Level 61
Ha-ha I've noticed. Once the tournament started I got excited with all the competition haha. Thanks for making the tournament I'm enjoying playing :)
AWP World Tour - Grand Slam - Old 1v1 ladder: 8/8/2016 03:00:41

Level 58
Screw me and my lousy predictions =D

Gotta satisfy my tweenage girl fanbase :*

So while everyone else watches the Olympic results, here's the thing I'm genuinely more interested in, because the Olympics are boring with Team GB and no team to actually root for ._.

Congratulations Oh! Keep going, even though you've lost all your hair stressing about my lousy prediction ._.

And Reza moves forward, to meet awesomeusername in the next round. Prediction-wise, it doesn't matter who wins, because either way it's a massive fail, with me stupidly overrating Turtle >_>

2 correct predictions. As Legi himself would say: "Ay! Wop wop!"

Looking into the second round, Chshee-hoo has beaten Onoma, as expected. Turkish needs to beat Mirror for everything to line up, to get 8 competitors in a row correct! :O

And now a message from our sponsors.


Nobody expects the AHoL inquisition! DanWales found himself victim to the "I spilled mayo on my caps lock key" CONQUISTADORS, as the drunkard beats over the sheep.

Another victory for Sultan- Suwtan? Suwwatan? *shrug* Oh well, Sułtan. Congrats!

Another correct lousy prediction sees dry-clean-only up against the winner of Muli v Buns; perhaps one of the hardest Round 1 matchups.

As expected. Now here is the reason, why the right bracket will get to the finals before all left bracket round 2 games are over. At least, if this game is anything at all like the P/R league.

So yeah... screw me and my lousy predictions :D

I don't know what to say other than, GG to these bottom 4 ones. Every winner from each of these 2nd rounds is a loss ;_;

Well, at least DR. Love won, which was correct.

Ahahahaha >:D Upset successfully predicted!

Ouch. 2 wrong first-round predictions lead to an impossible 2nd round. I guess Njord will win, but my credibility is worse than Fox News, so who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now this is very interesting. Some correct, some wrong. I don't even know who ThePlayer is, but whoever he is, ruined my guess that Pushover would beat him, on the basis that I have no clue who ThePlayer is x_x

Disregarding that ramble of nonsense, if Hades beats ThePlayer and tommy, then I guess this section is saved.

This is actually 2 separate brackets. In the top, I was right with Nox and wrong with SexMachine (what a name). Lower down, looks like ps beat Matthijs. "I hate Weighted Random".

lousy predictions!

Another 2nd round game went as expected

A real shocker :O NL has a decent track record in this tourney, just from surfpizza and Matthjis.

The 1 prediction I knew I could rely on, 100%. I thought triple-picking USA was smart >_>
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