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New deployment/distribution option: 7/12/2016 20:58:27

Level 60
Generally, this is not new idea, but derivation of two original distribution options - manual and automatic.

Save this two, I would like to see semi-manual/semi-automatic distribution method - players should first pick manual part of the distribution, then the rest will be picked by random.

Game creator, if he chooses this method, should give percentage for manual distribution and the rest will be random distribution. Each cannot be less than one pick per random/manual part.

Why this?
In ladder games we only see manual distribution, and probably main part is luck as if two players choose the same pick, random part makes decision, and whoever takes better lands wins - and that is not the part that can be predicted save if the game has "No luck cycle" where faster player makes first pick, or one can delay picking to make picks 2 and 3. The players who plays ladder games (me included) are used to manual picks, better players are better because they see advantage of current map settings, but if more random is done, maybe the start will be more balanced (also, it can be more in favor for one side, too).

For example, if there are 2 picks, first one is manual, and second one is random (that can end in wastelands!). For three picks, game creator chooses if first one or two are manual, and rest are (is) random. For four picks, everything is possible 1-3, 2-2, 3-1 (manual-random), and so on. Maybe that will balance the game maybe not, but, if compared to chess, neither player will be able to take white side as first choice.
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