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We need Warlight in VR: 7/5/2016 20:01:01

Peter Schow Jensen
Level 57
I want to walk around my world map and see what to conquer next:)

The HTC Vive enable walking around the game (the Oculus Rift next version will).

This game is perfect for VR. The experience will be just like the original RISK.

Does anyone know what it would cost to developed, and if it is possible?

Warlight could be the first strategy game in VR.

The funding could come from a Kickstarter. The first Kickstarter for a good VR strategy game would get a lot of attention, and RISK in VR would be BIG. It is possible to get non players to pay.
We need Warlight in VR: 7/5/2016 20:05:39

Level 58
I know you can develop games for the Oculus Rift using Unity, and it looks like the same method works for Vive as well. It looks like there's ways to integrate Unity3D with Haxe (https://waneck.github.io/wwx-unity3d-haxe/#/), the current cross-platform toolkit Fizzer uses to develop Warlight.

Probably the most intensive part would be 3D modeling. I think it'd also be cooler as an AR game than as a VR game, and it looks like you can use Unity for that too (for HoloLens).

Only issue would be gameplay- I don't think it'd be as efficient in VR as it is on PC right now (should still match mobile, though). I know that, historically, Fizzer has been quick to reach out to some new platforms to promote the game- Warlight used to be one of the few games with a Google Hangouts app- so maybe you could persuade him to target VR.

Edited 7/5/2016 20:06:23
We need Warlight in VR: 7/5/2016 20:09:27

Level 61
Would you say what is VR?
We need Warlight in VR: 7/5/2016 20:15:36

Level 56
VR=Virtual Reality. Its in the name. Its a thing u put around your face and essentially it puts you in a different place, but in reality your not @BayernMunchenIsTheBest
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