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The Roast Of Fizzer: 7/3/2016 11:25:04

Level 54
Time to roast fizzer everybody imma start. Obviously this is all in good faith and for laughs, but roast is a roast.

Fizzer : When i grow up, i wanna censor Forum posts about locked thread and suspend for using terrible language like "duh".
Mother : Awww sweet pea, you can only choose one.

Everybody wanted ELO? Ayyy lmao let's give them TrueSkill cuz i run the system here. Obey

Worship me! Lord gaben is a false god! I, Fizzer, will not tolerate goddamned wacos on this goddamned Internet Forum!

Let's go ahead and introduce Local Deployments. Alright cool, we have some hype. Now let's wait a year. Okay 1 year now, whosev hyped for local deployments? Come on, it's not as though it's terribly unbalanced for large maps so it is basically unusable if you want to use even a 500 territory map!

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